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Here are Al's comments
2:38 my second trade window has timed out so I'm done for the day-screens will run-see you next week_
2:35 after 2:30, if they can't dump it, the shorts start covering-E-Waver's nervous____________
2:27 On the Aux page you can see the Tide32 birdseed trading system in progress-in 2 days up $747
2:24 out -2 -nothing there-better to get out quick____________________________________________
2:14 hit, stop 975.5 -may not be anything there_______________________________________________
2:10 putting sell stop 973.5__________________________________________________________________
1:54 when you can't earn, you can learn-note the mixed Tides-they form a MoonTide Fractal Set_
1:50 aborting 976 -1 -got hammered by sellers at 978 __________________________________________
1:44 stop 975 - note how the bottoms are curved-that is a sign of acceleration___________________
1:31 entry stop hit-bought 977 stop 974 _________________________________________________________
1:29 in the chat room we sing FFFAAPC * to the tune of Born Free__________________________________
* flat, flat, flat as a pancake__________________________________________________________________
1:24 if there is an upside acceleration,it should come soon-downside is buffered by Moon flux 972_
1:17 putting a buy stop at 977- this is a "volatility pinch"-chaos follows____________________
1:13 no follow through on that crossing-just noise_____________________________________________
1:10 steady buying pressure as per green +Tide-getting 20/110 buy_______________________________
1:00 still holding up-SP2Day shows good picture-coming to the crossroads="bifurcation" in chaos lingo
12:32 the AUX page shows some research in progress-working on a way to trade Tide32 ___________
along with the MoonTide Harmonic grid- uses a new moving trend indicator (by Raftner-S&C)______
12:07 coming to the low in the green +Tide-says get steady buying pressure then fast near 1:30
11:57 Tide 32 is doing well today at fiding the swing turns-see the Tide32 chart_______________
11:48 bouncing up off the 972 Moon flux pair is bullish for the next quarter Moon-about a week_
11:44 what we are unlikely to get today is a big move either way-if hold up today,Monday could be up
11:28 When Moon is vertical in Wheel of Fortune,tend to get narror range w/ fast vertical moves_
11:22 out +2 - I accept it - small, but any size donation is deeply appreciated ______________
11:18 stop 974 as hit 972 - can bounce fast off Moon flux______________________________________
11:16 stop 976-expect now to reach 972, where Moon flux support is ____________________________
11:13 sitting on Chiron-which set Wednesday's high_____________________________________________
11:03 stop 977-moon flux cross is very high frequency (theoretically infinite), hence the streak_________________
10:59- my sell stop 976 was hit stop goes at 979_____________________________________________
10:57 minor high right on Chiron-may get yet another 20/110 crossing-a possible sell__________
10:49 no sell there-may get 20/110 buy-I want to wait until after 11:00, where the Moon flux cross
10:38 raising my sell stop to 976-if hit, will have a continuation sell on the 20 EXMA_________
10:36 price broke above the 110,now both sides, so wait for better setup_______________________
10:32 back to the 110-now need to see prices drop, otherwise market is going flat_______________
10:24 on this type break price usually comes back up to the 110 EXMA, kisses it, then drops_____
10:21 putting sell stop 973.5 in case of streak _________________________________________________
10:18 about to get a sell on the 20/110 EXMA's - Tide shows a minor rally,watch the nature of it__
10:07 the upward momentum is waning-on two day chart we have a rising wedge, suggesting a drop_
9:56 getting a blip up as the Xchg opposes the Moon-can see in detail on the Wheel of Fortune page
9:46 110 EXMA going flat and upper and lower Larson bands suggest a trading range day 972 to 981__
9:40 pretty quiet opening compared to wild early swings last two day-looks like green +Tide_
9:19 opening somewhat up________________________________________________________________________
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

8/8/2003 01:50:09 PM Mountain bkw:: out minus one.
8/8/2003 01:38:30 PM Mountain bkw:: amazing with the news about Fanny and Freddie-you'd think it would buckle but it's not!
8/8/2003 12:49:11 PM Mountain G9:: WLJ.......check ye e-mail later.....I have a question for ya,buddy
8/8/2003 12:45:06 PM Mountain dst:: wlj - jeri= jery at 11:39 today
8/8/2003 12:36:08 PM Mountain G9:: sorry, Jer.........can't tell ya unless u sign up with Captain Chaos ;(
8/8/2003 12:32:59 PM Mountain dst:: aux chart looks pretty nifty
8/8/2003 12:30:37 PM Mountain wlj:: back from lunch, i do not see a jeri in the chat room during the week
8/8/2003 12:26:31 PM Mountain G9:: Hey jeri a paying member of AL's?
8/8/2003 12:11:12 PM Mountain bkw:: soled 975 stop 978
8/8/2003 12:02:26 PM Mountain bkw:: it should be droppin-couldn't get thru resistance only thing underneath is air till 970??
8/8/2003 11:57:05 AM Mountain dst:: I think that drop was BKW selling a couple hundred at the prior high
8/8/2003 11:39:15 AM Mountain jery:: G9, I am new to this chat room. What does 16 and 90 mean?
8/8/2003 11:32:37 AM Mountain G9:: wlj.......the AUX page is Tide32 with AL's harmonics?
8/8/2003 11:19:41 AM Mountain wlj:: howdy g9
8/8/2003 11:07:12 AM Mountain G9:: How's things in Chaosland?........16 and 90 still working for ole G9er ;)
8/8/2003 11:07:00 AM Mountain wlj:: aux page printing money
8/8/2003 10:57:11 AM Mountain pl:: Al, could be on red on the 2day, maybe you are right in your comment about accelerating buying power but i watch the 2day closely, also possible break of uptrend since yesterday
8/8/2003 10:30:09 AM Mountain bkw:: thnks- all of a sudden the semis are getting smoked-we may go down here.
8/8/2003 10:29:00 AM Mountain Al:: Nice nimble one
8/8/2003 10:27:18 AM Mountain bkw:: out plus 2.25
8/8/2003 10:10:16 AM Mountain bkw:: wsold 977.25 stop 80.25
8/8/2003 09:52:43 AM Mountain bkw:: If he falls off he's in trouble-market just feels heavy to me-but it is staying green.
8/8/2003 09:46:29 AM Mountain wlj:: for the moment the grasso doll is riding that pit bull around the yard like a jockey
8/8/2003 09:39:58 AM Mountain bkw:: Nope you're not alone-I'm waiting for the dump-like you!
8/8/2003 09:36:53 AM Mountain wlj:: tide 32 hitting turns
8/8/2003 09:34:28 AM Mountain Al:: wlj, it must be that hat you are wearing from yesterday
8/8/2003 09:31:02 AM Mountain wlj:: am i a cult of one today
8/8/2003 08:19:01 AM Mountain wlj:: full sp open gap filled

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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