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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 08/09/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:56 time to cover and go home-lost money today but learned about a major top-worth it_
3:38 don't leave early-it ain't over____________________________________________________
3:35 finally getting the break__________________________________________________________
3:16 a full day of buying and prices are only up 4 points -rally fading fast_____________
2;56 stopped out-now see red-green-red pattern-sell 10 908.50 stop 916_____________________
2:55 Churchill said, "Never give up. Never give up. Never give up!"_______________________
2:40 bought 6 914.00 stop 908 _________________________________________________________
2:28 there is a line in the Air Force Fight Song that goes________________________________
2:28 "We live in fame, or go down in flame. Nothing can stop the US Air Force."_________
2:27 stopped out - that syle of trading is dangerous-need a big account to do it_________
2:20 if you look at s9day chart, you see the top testing that is going on today____________
2:06 sold 2 904.50 now short 8-stop at 910 on all-now the rubber hits the road_____________
2:00 switched to 1day chart -says on red -Tide-a left shift of that shows a late drop_______
1:48 my stop survived-who ever thought Moonlight could be so hot? sell 2 904.50 stop_________
1:40 quick pop up to the -M000 Moon flux as per red Tide-now have 3 drives to a top__hold fast____
1:22 Jesse Livermore went bust several times-when he didn't follow his system-it still works_
1:14 my personal XGO chart looks like Jesse Livermore's, so this works for me_________________
1:08 what I'm doing today is the Larson-Livermore system-use 1 contract probes to get on right side_
1:08 then load up when get on the right side____________________________________________________
1:06 The Nasdaq is even weaker than the S&P -it did not even reach yesterday's high________
1:00 sometimes you just have to put the cake in the oven and let it bake_____________________
12:46 sold 3 902.50-short 6- stop 910 on all for now _________________________________________
12:34 could not hold highs-so lots of selling-saw the setup and are short multiple contracts_
12:18 treading water at yesterday's highs -either Tide says lower by close________________
12:09 sold 2 at 905 - stop 910 -now short 3_______________________________________________
12:00 shifted green Tide to find-a 90 minute shift right-may not work-trend going flat 903_
11:42 sold 907 stop 910____________________________________________________________________
11:41 notice the 90 degree move from 891 to 909-I was looking for 909 yesterday____________
11:30 sold 909 for +6-because I had my head on backwards early,I wanted to take a win here_
11:28 sell 90900 or better - balance level_____________________________________________
11:22 Good signal on the 20/110 EXMA's-don't look back-trade what's happening now______
11:08 bought 903 stop 900-_____________________________________________________________
11:07 my position trade bias got me screwed up-when that happens, withdraw and center__
10:40 stopped again-time to back off and take a break-back in 30 minutes_____________
10;26 sold 894 stop 897______________________________________________________________
10:21 getting same continuation sell setup on Nasdaq__________________________________
10:17 got the move up to the 110 EXMA-now watch for a "trend continuation" sell_______
10:10 the blue 110 EXMA says trend is Down- yellow 20 minute EXMA shows pullbacks_____
10:07 stopped again-too choppy right here for close stops-Wait for 110 EXMA to catch up-
10:03 the Face of God pattern told me yesterday to sell the close, and expect down today__
9:57 sold 891 stop goes 894-_______________________________________________________________
9:54 just in case, put sell stop 891_______________________________________________________
9:49 stopped 895 for -3.A sell setting up for the 1ADay, so I'll be patient,wait til 10:00_
9:48 sold 892 stop goes at 895 - if hit I can retry______________________________________
9:36 this is tough-put a sell stop at 892, and hope for a rally to get in________________
9:30 opening down-1ADay is looking to enter early in the day--already have a sell signal_
9:20 Good morning from Chaos Manor________________________________________________________
___opening on the Node/Pluto electric field flux_______________________________________

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