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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 08/10/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:13 stopped for +3. May rally more but I'm done for the day-going camping in Rockies-next week__
3:04 bought 1191 raise stop 1194 -could hit Plu/Sat flux-cover on close__________________________
3:00 this hour marker and the one at 4:00 are Hot, so may get another streak like at 1:00________
2:55 Rally also shows up as part of Face of God pattern on 10 day MoonTide chart_________________
2:32 bought 1191 move stop 1191 and hold-nverted to red -Tide-close 1197 or better likely________
2:22 bought 1191 put stop 1188-cover on close_____________________________________________________
2:14 pulling back to 110 min EXMA - lower buy stop to 1191_________________________________________
2:07 forming a converging triangle - lower buy stop to 1195.5 ____________________________________
1:51 stopped for no gain-put a buy stop at 1196.5 -this rally has some energy____________________
1:49 sold 1193 lower stop 1193 cover 1190_________________________________________________________
1:39 sold 1193 put stop 1196-cover 1190, +M180 moon flux now resistance___________________________
1:33 Retesting high on Neptune as near MoonTide high-sell 1193 stop-rally needs a rest______________________________
1:22 that rally was U3 in the Fractal of Pi-great tool-need to take CashInOnChaos & FOP courses___
1:17 what made it so hot there was Mercury oppose Uranus-I never chase the ones I miss-more coming_
1:05 Don't see any news-solar noon just hot-position traders bought 1185 stop 1170-can breath now_
1:00 Wow-is fed doing something? if so I stand aside-high set by Neptune flux_____________________
12:55 Bought 1181.25 -sell now 1185.25 for +4- that trade was based on Fractal of Pi overlay_____
12:48 I can live with that-bought 1181.25 move stop to 1181.5 and hold-close could be 1188 or 1197_
12:42 showing some strength-buy 1181.25 stop 1177.5 _may have to be patient_______________________
12:25 still congesting-probaly last until 1:20, Merc/Uranus_______________________________________
12:00 will probably congest now, after the morning excitement-afternoon rally likely-_____________
11:51 sell 1180.75 for +4.75 -peaked on quarter Moon_____________________________________________
11:46 raise top to 1177.5, 1/2 quantum above entry-return to 1188 possible_______________________
11:31 bought 1176 raise stop to 1175, just under Moon +M090 flux line______________________________
11:29 I put "overnight drop"of +Tide on the Node timeline-Shows how the Node shifted the MoonTide_
11:20 Fractal of Pi graduates use a 6 our fractal off the low_________________________________
11:17 recoverd to 1176 with higher low-buy 1176, stop 1173____________________________________
11:07 don't like it cover 74.5 for -1.5 ______________________________________________________
10:54 OK, market held up, so raise stop to 1173, bought 1176-always control losses____________
10:30 bounced off Venus flux - buy 1176 , stop 1170 _-based on rebound to +M090 moon flux_______
10:22 wow-12 points in a few minutes-that Node was white hot-may have shifted green +Tide right_
10:15 could be on red -Tide-if drop to 1178.5, no longer have a higher low, so abort 1ADAY_______
10:10 Node dropped price- 110 min EXMA dropping below 1185-lower buy stop to 1185 ________________
10:02 still on Plu/Sat, but looking like a low-agressive traders could buy here-we buy 1188 stop _
9:50 support from Plu/Sat electric field flux line-coming to Moon's Node, then Jup, then Ven____
9:42 Hit 1185, Put buy stop at 1188, the quantum above the 110 EXMA____________________________________________________
9:36 Shopping for an early buy. So far not clear, but rallied off the 110 min EXMA______________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic ___-1ADAY on MYSCREEN.GIF_______________________________

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