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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 08/17/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:40 got support at Moon /Neptune - cove at 1162 for -1-done for day-see you next week__
3:25 looking good on trade - sold 1161-stop 1164-buy 1155 or better or on close_________
3:09 sold 1161 - put stop 1164 __________________________________________________________
3:05 looking weak - red -Tide down rest of day___________________________________________
2:55 Cancel 1Aday-1hour cycle is too flat-leave sell stop at 1161_________________________
2:52 Market is still balanced-maybe because of option expiration-chaos follows balance____
2:40 rally was stopped cold by Pluto flux-Pluto runs option volatility____________________
2:30 1Aday - buy 1167.5 stop---see what happens__-also I'd sell 1161 stop_________________
2:16 1Aday may be a buy-__________________________________________________________________
1:50 1Aday is to trade counter 1 hour trend at 2:30-looks like a sell_____________________
1:23 still congestiong-1Aday at 2:30-______________________________________________________
1:04 Sun and Uranus sent prices down - Starting to rollover - will it crack ?______________
12:33 here you also see the battle and balance between the + and - MoonTides_______________
12:28 last little rally was D3 in mirror Fractal of Pi-course on sale this month___________
12:23 now the battle is between Mercury (aka Satan) and Mars - fomes mid day congestion____
12:00 Now U4 in mirror Fractal of Pi-at XB-and red -MoonTide low___________________________
11:47 Hello Paine-Weber Capital Markets in New York-thanks for watching____________________
11:43 "What was support is now resistance"-applies to Chiron now____________________________
11:27 Now have enterd the mid-fractal choppy area-vibrating about Plu/Sat flux-_____________
10:57 That streak was a D5 line in an mirror Fractal of Pi-taught in Fractal of Pi course___
10:41 That move is a "bandgap energy jump" from +M000 to -M180 moon electric field flux ____
10:38 I work to make trading a science-it helps to see the gods battling-Venus killed Chrion_
10:34 bought 1167 for +9-cancel buy 1173 -I expected support at Plu/Sat flux since set high_
10:32 the Greeks talked of battles between the gods-here Zeus (Jup) battling Chiron_____________
10:20 lower stop to 1173 cancel if buy 1167 is hit -note CHIron effect-support yesterday________
10:15 sold 1176 lower stop to 1176 can place buy 1167 or better order-on red -MoonTide__________
10:08 sold 1176 lower stop to 1178 now -light blue line=110 minute EXMA-stop is just above it___
10:00 trade OK so far-got resistance at +M000 moon flux-it and Neptune flux form repellor________
9:49 sold 1176-cancel sell 1170 stop-buy 1179 stop to protect-__________________________________
9:45 still stuck on Venus-add a sell 1170 stop- going with the gap usually works________________
9:34 1ADay trade is at 2:30-right now, sell 1176 or better-catch possible pop up to +M000 flux__
9:32 opening on Venus flus, from yesterday's rising sign -prices below it means repel down______
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic ________________________________________________________
___Opening down is ominous-1170 is key-read the CHAOS MANIA MARKET ALERT on HOME PAGE___________

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