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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 09/06/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:57 cover -I'm done for the day_have agood weekend-I may go camping next weekend________
3:48 this looks like a fireball -sell 893 ______________________________________________
3:45 Position trader's bought the open, and were just instructed to cover-no go-________
3:41 Crazy Harry's girl friend called him back-forgot his pants________________________
3:36 aborted-sold 895 for -2 -recrossed 110_____________________________________________
3:24 at :38 I raise my stop 1 point______________________________________________________
3:15 given the time of day I'll cover at 5 points, or 902 _______________________________
3:14 this is good 20/110 1ADay buy-it set up late, but I take them when I see them________
3:08 buy 897 stop 894____________________________________________________________________
3:05 shorts about to get squeezed -______________________________________________________
2:56 Mercury low-may add fast energy-bullish____________________________________________
2:53 Crazy Harry must really be having a good time!______________________________________
2:51 third part of 1Aday will not set up - prices both side of 110________________________
2:46 prices are being carried by the Moon-it will be 9 points higher on Monday____________
2:35 Gann rule of 4 says if break resistance on 4th try, fast move follows________________
2:30 -getting a 20/110 buy-a "hook and go" - buy 898 stop__________________________________
2:12 Crazy Harry's been on a 6 hour lunch at station 894-must have a girl friend here_______
2:07 after a 20/110 signal,watch reaction to the 20 that follows-in does not cross,very good_
2:03 can sell 892.50 stop ________________________________________________________________
2:00 20/110 sell signal-now wait for curl on 110-__________________________________________
1:53 congestion days often follow a red-gree-red pattern or visa-versa_______________________
1:49 coming to 3rd Tide turn-may come early-EXMA's will tell us what to do_______________
1:42 I'm out 895 - didn't like it________________________________________________________
1:37 Crazy Harry jerking the traing to shake off the hobos________________________________
1:28 buy 2 more 897 stop on all 894_______________________________________________________
1:22 +M000 was resistance all morning, now it has become support -_________________________
1:09 shifted chart down-now tracking red -Tide-but needs to break away from the +M000 flux__
1:05 bought 897 put stop 894 - slope of 110 EXMa say on red -Tide___________________________
1:01 breaking above the center Moon flux- not 1ADay, but buy 897 stop_______________________
12:53 Crazy Harry has the train parked int Starion 894-us Hobos need to stay off the train__
12:41 no good signals on the 20/110 EXMa, so I pass on 2nd opportunity_______________________
12:40 passing the center of the SA/SR-now becomes repellor____________________________________
12:35 not just astronauts go to the Moon-Crazy Harrry, conductor of the S&P train, does too___
12:14 nice pinch on the EXMa's - good setup__________________________________________________
12:03 see attraction toward 12:40/895.50? after 12:40 becomes a repellor_____________________
12:00 back to 2 day chart-squatting on 110 EXMA-still flat from open__________________________
11:46 getting turn-may not get good settup on 20/110-my 10 day MoonTide says congest all day_
11:29 OK, got the blue charts running again-now coming into green +Tide turn_________________
11:26 having technical problem onother pages-working on it____________________________________
11:14 in congestion get both tides cancelling-here forming MoonTide Fractal set about 889____
11:06 when prices are crossing the 110 EXMA, stay out -congestions can be expensive___________
11:02 back to 1Day chart-Mars the bear, Venus the bull-smapping back to 891 balance price______
11:00 the Xchg passes Moon near 12:40 price 895.50-forms chaos Strange Attractor/Repellor_______
10:53 up to Moon +M000 flux-resistance unless broken-still in trading range_______________
10:41 got inversion to green +Tide - but it is at the level of it's high so I'll wait______
10:39 now switching to 2 day chart-uses just open outcry-891=balance level-do nothing_______
10:36 the EXMA's now say we are in a congestion-getting stopped out here is a good thing____
10:31 stopped out-now eait for next Tide turn________________________________________________
10:28 still have 20/110 sell-now if 110 curls down have good setup-my early jump in may work__
10:23 I'm obvious early -but stop held so just wait____________________________________________
10:21 early trades are vey difficult-here have 20/110 sellbut may go flat-just use best judgement_
10:12 prices broke 110, so should get 20/110 sell -I'll press and sell 889 stop 892____________
10:08 prices now "squatting" on the 110 EXMA-watch for cross and curl__________________________
10:01 now the EXMA's are pinching together-for early turns I use data from 6:15 Eastern on____
9:51 making a high after testing the Sun/Pluto/Node flux-may set up a 20/110 EXMa sell________
9:38 20 EXMA too far from 110 for a trade-happens on big gaps-better to wait___________________
9:35 early streak came from Chiron-hit overhead resistance from Moon/Mars electric field flux___
9:30 large move overnight suggests on the red -Tide_____________________________________________
9:20 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

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