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Here are Al's comments
3:09 out for +3 _____done for the day_screens will run-see you next week_____________________
3:03 stop 1015.5_____________________________________________________________________________
3:01 Node time was hot this morning, so node price 1018.5 is hot_____________________________
2:56 stop 1015-going for more than +5_______________________________________________________
2:54 red tide-green tide-red tide day-up to close-stop 1013__________________________________
2:52 stop 1012.5_____________________________________________________________________________
2:48 fast move now-stop 1011__________________________________________________________________
2:42 getting the cont buy-bought 1012.5 stop 1009.5________________________________________________
2:40 here we get either a continuation buy or a sell on the 20/110____________________________
2:35 inversions from one Tide to the other usually come on Time Line clusters-here Chi/Sat/Moon_
2:31 right after that time it will be clear which way the move will go- green +Tide says down_
2:29 I would like to wait until pass the T180 moon time line_________________________________
2:27 now getting the pullback to the 20 EXMA-see if it holds_________________________________
2:23 this looks like a good buy signal, so I'm waiting for a dip ____________________________
2:21 have a 20/110 buy, so I am looking to see if it is a head fake or real-watching pullback
2:15 hot as we come into the Moon/Chiron/Saturn timelines_________________________________
2:00 looks like running up into a high as per green +MoonTide_________________________________
1:56 the second time did not set up-so skipped it-this is the expected converging triangle_
1:39 now getting a bit of selling-still no clear signal_________________________________________
1:22 still flat as a pancake_-does theat 51% of the time-chaos follows dullness_________________
1:01 right at the turn, both EXMA's flat-a trade may not set up-________________________________
12:42 going into Tide turn have a low set up,but prices boths sides of 110 EXMA,so no trade yet_
12:07 tracking green +Tide-this is the midday doldrums-very strong this summer__________________
11:45 now settling down to vibrate about Moon/Sat/Chiron-watch for congerging triangle into 2:30_
11:12 rallied right up to upper band at Tide time-streak as Xchg passed Moon's Node___________
10:49 I did not pick the 11:30 Tide turn as a trade time just because I wanted to limit the __
number of trades - in dull markets overtrading can be costly__________________________________
10:41 yesterday had red -Tide early, then +green Tide rest of day-may repeat____________________
10:29 now stuck in a congestion zone between Mer/Sun/Plu/Moon at 1006 and Chiron/Sat/Moon at 1010_
10:21 covering 1007.5 for +2 -breaking above 20 EXMA from an out of band position______________
10:11 have to be patient here-stop is in for a profit, so just wait____________________________
10:05 minor rally being stopped by Venus electric field flux line______________________________
10:01 stop 1008_________________________________________________________________________________
9:59 Mer/Sun/Pluto/Moon flux at 1024 -18=1006-Market AstroPhysics is real-______________________
9:55 stop 1009.5 - fast break-use the 20 EXMA to guide how you move the stop____________________
9:54 at the lower Larson band -in this case I expect prices to "run the band edge"______________
9:48 support yesterday was on Chiron/Saturn electric field flux lines near 1010-now resistance__
9:45 continuation sell 1009.5 stop 1012.5 ______________________________________________________
9:22 Had to reset server, so that is why you lost connection ___________________________________
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

9/12/2003 01:28:57 PM Mountain wlj:: :40s will be 6 hr from am slamo, may be a top??
9/12/2003 01:28:24 PM Mountain bkw:: out minus 1.25-.
9/12/2003 01:07:44 PM Mountain dst:: now this is more like the good old days
9/12/2003 01:01:56 PM Mountain bkw:: sold 1016 stop 1019
9/12/2003 12:53:39 PM Mountain wlj:: full sp open gap filled
9/12/2003 12:52:13 PM Mountain wlj:: another :40 low
9/12/2003 12:48:20 PM Mountain Al:: rab: the fireball was on the 9th- and we did trade the late rally for +1.5
9/12/2003 12:25:08 PM Mountain wlj:: kind of a balance point here,,,top here or only 1/2 way thru the move that started at :40
9/12/2003 12:21:09 PM Mountain wlj:: just after open :40s slamo,,,,4 hours later :40s take off.
9/12/2003 12:18:13 PM Mountain bkw:: 2nd time I'been whacked by 1012.
9/12/2003 12:18:05 PM Mountain G9er:: whew.....finally......+1.25.......see y'all next week
9/12/2003 12:16:37 PM Mountain dst:: could see it that way and we just broke up thru neck
9/12/2003 12:13:45 PM Mountain wlj:: are last three :40s upside down h/s ??
9/12/2003 12:10:43 PM Mountain wlj:: dst, will see as we get close,,,last 3 hrs :40s have been cit,,,also 1 min spy, todays lows walking up a trend line.
9/12/2003 12:05:05 PM Mountain dst:: wlj what think about a corner at the Chir/Sat vert?
9/12/2003 12:04:08 PM Mountain dst:: 1010.50 hot Chir/Sat/Moon again
9/12/2003 11:41:45 AM Mountain rab:: Al why didn't you trade on the fireball 8 september as posted on your website?
9/12/2003 11:26:12 AM Mountain dst:: FFAAP
9/12/2003 11:17:09 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 1009 stop 1012
9/12/2003 10:21:29 AM Mountain bkw:: don't know if you're watching the news- the Cueball is in big trouble seems his pay was basically set by him- my gosh Dick ain't a paragon of virtue whats the world coming to.
9/12/2003 09:53:47 AM Mountain cjm:: out 10.5, +0.4 after commissions, bailed when it recrossed the 20ma
9/12/2003 09:48:29 AM Mountain dst:: 8.5 range so far
9/12/2003 09:47:44 AM Mountain wlj:: todays full sp open gap is about 1014.50
9/12/2003 09:42:11 AM Mountain dst:: yeah - haven't often seen two days in row with same hotties -
9/12/2003 09:41:51 AM Mountain cjm:: sold 1011, OOB sell @ CIT, stop 1013, stop now 1011
9/12/2003 09:41:45 AM Mountain G9er:: just trying to help ;)
9/12/2003 09:40:37 AM Mountain wlj:: dst, so far we are bangin the same verts as yesterday
9/12/2003 09:35:14 AM Mountain Al:: G9: humility is a virtue
9/12/2003 09:30:23 AM Mountain Al:: Mark Douglas-
9/12/2003 09:29:20 AM Mountain cjm:: Al, amazon search for Trading in the Zone returns 2 books (probably I should read both - HA!) - which one were you recommeinding, the one by Douglas or by Kiev - thx
9/12/2003 09:25:03 AM Mountain G9er:: LOL.........Please folks u have to learn that "the news" on this or that means NOTHING......."Da Boys" are in total control of this ship. I'm always aware of when a report is due out but NEVER EVER trade the news. 16-90 and the ole G9er lines thats all
9/12/2003 09:21:06 AM Mountain dst:: guess the drop in consumer confidence was really bullish after all
9/12/2003 09:18:36 AM Mountain G9er:: dats 4.50er........5 daily goal then go fishing ;)
9/12/2003 09:17:35 AM Mountain G9er:: out +2.50............cha ching
9/12/2003 09:16:26 AM Mountain bkw:: Damn gave some back-out
9/12/2003 09:11:15 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 1009 stop 1012
9/12/2003 09:04:23 AM Mountain G9er:: buy stop 10.50
9/12/2003 08:57:31 AM Mountain G9er:: out for +2
9/12/2003 08:23:17 AM Mountain G9er:: giddy up
9/12/2003 08:21:50 AM Mountain dst:: 1006 is also the Floor Trader pivot lowest support
9/12/2003 08:17:26 AM Mountain Al:: discipline IS the game-good book is Trading In the Zone
9/12/2003 08:14:03 AM Mountain cjm:: bkw, beats me. Admittedly I didn't follow my own rules. Discipline is the hardest part of the game for me.
9/12/2003 08:06:56 AM Mountain G9er:: Hmmmmmm........Wed lows didn't hold.....interesting
9/12/2003 08:02:40 AM Mountain bkw:: CJM-why would you not have parked a stop at a 1 point profit and let her ride??
9/12/2003 07:53:49 AM Mountain wlj:: email had 1024 hot,minus 18 = 1006
9/12/2003 07:53:13 AM Mountain cjm:: sold 1011, covered 8.5 + 2.5. It sure is hard not to take smaller profits after a losing day. Yesterday I was down -4.
9/12/2003 07:49:43 AM Mountain bkw:: zippety doo dah-zippety eh-my oh my whar a wonderful.....
9/12/2003 07:21:34 AM Mountain dst:: maybe that 2:30 one will have some pre-weekend fire power to the close
9/12/2003 06:54:18 AM Mountain wlj:: like yesterday early vert chrion/sat was a cit early today. yesterday vert lines that gave us cit are near tide turns today. may be an interesting day.
9/12/2003 06:44:22 AM Mountain wlj:: old gray running,new chart is not.

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