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Here are Al's comments
3:28 weak up-not enough to chase - dull day, but positive results-I'm done- see you next week_
2:49 here the MoonTides "bifurcate", to use chaos theory terms-means going in one of 2 directions_
2:46 looks like picked up green +Tide-at least for a while-I covered on the 35 minute stall rule__
2:40 not going -I'll cover for +1 here-can resell if it moves__________________________________
2:20 hanging fire a bit here-press stop to 1032-nearest energy attractor is +T000/Chiron 1028_
2:07 nice little break-can press stop to 1033-about half way between the 20 and 110 EXMA's_____
1:50 very narrow range-even for this narrow range summer_____________________________________
1:43 sold 1032 stop 1035_____________________________________________________________________
1:30 have a continuation sell setup here, so I'm ready to sell if we get a decline going______
1:06 still flat coming into the Tide turn, so turn will be on time or late______________________
12:55 the 110 EXMA is flat-stay out of flat markets-don't make things up_________________________
12:41 note how prices are vibrating about the Neptune node electric field flux line-horizontal line N______
12:25 next Tide turn is just after the Sun-morning low came on Moon's Node time line____________________
12:05 now we have entered the midday doldrums__so this Tide leg will probsbly be smaller than forecast_
11:41 out +.5 - lloks like on red -Tide ___-now wait to see if get another good setup at next tide turn_
11:21 stop 1034.5 - here is where it starts move 5 or extends move 4 _________________________________
11:08 this is a key point the 4th move in what looks to be a down Chaos Clamshell of 7 moves__________
10:57 stop 1035-the 110 EXMA should hold, given it's down slope-but Tide turn is broad, so be careful_
10:46 stop 1036.5-note clean separation of price, 20 EXMA, and 110 EXMA - looks like good move______
10:31 sold 1035 stop 1038 - 20 EXMA approached then dropped away from 110___________________________
10:24 110 turned up, showing that move has no follow through-so no trade yet________________________
10:11 Continuation sell setup -wait a bit to see if the 110 EXMA holds________________________________
10:05 20/110 sell signal going into Tide time-watch to see how it follows through_______
9:48 opening mostly flat____________________________________________________________________________
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

9/19/2003 02:01:25 PM Mountain kb:: Okay, so are they trying to get it down by shorting the spus or selling out of long positions, and if they are shorting, thus adding onto their call writing positions, and wrong, all the more fodder for a rally. Again, it could go down, but that's more of a longer term play than what Al's site is all about.
9/19/2003 01:45:19 PM Mountain bkw:: I agree which is why the boys would like to buy those calls back cheaper than the premium they got when they wrote them.
9/19/2003 01:39:10 PM Mountain kb:: You could be right about the market BKW, but like I said, I don't know if this markets going up or down, but unless all of those positions where put on yesterday afternoon or this morning, the 36,000 call buyers are up more than the 26,000 put buyers..
9/19/2003 01:39:09 PM Mountain wlj:: kb, it was about the calls then
9/19/2003 01:24:41 PM Mountain kb:: dst and wlj, my second to last comment not in response to your trin or issue comments..
9/19/2003 01:24:24 PM Mountain bkw:: KB- between 1010 and 1025 36,000 calls and 25,000 puts.
9/19/2003 01:07:11 PM Mountain kb:: Al, did you get my email..?
9/19/2003 01:06:08 PM Mountain kb:: and I thought this site was just for moontide analysis and 20/110 exma's tracking indicators, to quote the boss..
9/19/2003 01:01:18 PM Mountain dst:: ya big drop in the TRIN
9/19/2003 01:00:36 PM Mountain wlj:: adv issu at hi of day
9/19/2003 12:50:47 PM Mountain kb:: Not saying it's going to happen, but if this market turns and heads higher, could certainly put a nice squeeze on all those call writers..
9/19/2003 12:45:08 PM Mountain wlj:: low 40 min ago was cash hi on 8th
9/19/2003 12:41:55 PM Mountain kb:: Just curious , but how many puts?
9/19/2003 12:37:03 PM Mountain bkw:: There are 27,000+ calls at the spoo cash 1025 Oct. strike-wouldn't surprise me if they took a run at them before the close.
9/19/2003 12:21:54 PM Mountain wlj:: emini with overnite,,,,near up slope trend line from low on 12th,,,,looks like 6 of one of als 7 clams ??
9/19/2003 12:16:48 PM Mountain kb:: Al, just sent you an email using your link..
9/19/2003 12:10:17 PM Mountain wlj:: low we just made is hi for day on 17th
9/19/2003 12:04:39 PM Mountain kb:: Is the moneytide website down Al? I'm trying to confirm the email address I have for you?
9/19/2003 11:57:14 AM Mountain kb:: Al, you there?
9/19/2003 11:42:39 AM Mountain kb:: Hi Al and all, Al, I've sent you a few emails regarding the ephi recently. Was wondering if you are getting them or not?
9/19/2003 11:33:10 AM Mountain wlj:: so far we have hit only one email price,,,,which one is next ?
9/19/2003 11:27:46 AM Mountain wlj:: yesterday today full sp 1 min is head/sh,,,slamo or up ?
9/19/2003 10:58:45 AM Mountain g9:: Al........ok, sorry just trying to help.....take care folks. Good trading!!!
9/19/2003 10:56:05 AM Mountain Al:: G9-this site is for teaching people how to trade the MoonTides using the 20/110 EXMA's tracking indicators. You confuse my clients by tauting your own system. If you want to do that, build your own website, support it, advertize it, and provide the necessary training and support. I'm not trying to be rude, but I have gotten several complaints. You are welcome join us, just don't taut your system or blow your own horn.
9/19/2003 10:51:08 AM Mountain g9:: ack.....-1.25
9/19/2003 10:32:13 AM Mountain g9:: buy stop 34.50
9/19/2003 10:08:46 AM Mountain wlj:: 33ish and 35ish is neptuneish and gray line moonish i think.
9/19/2003 10:08:03 AM Mountain dst:: or if price close to a flux line
9/19/2003 10:07:24 AM Mountain dst:: prob right -
9/19/2003 10:05:49 AM Mountain wlj:: i was watching t on days with email stand alone moon price, not every day ??
9/19/2003 10:03:00 AM Mountain g9:: 33ish and
9/19/2003 10:01:45 AM Mountain dst:: wlj - note there is a "t" coming about 12:45
9/19/2003 09:57:03 AM Mountain wlj:: that one min spy trend line now over head res right now
9/19/2003 09:54:29 AM Mountain wlj:: 1 min full sp working on 6 of 7 up from the 12th ??
9/19/2003 09:53:11 AM Mountain miguel12:: G9, I am new to the site, what is the 90s you keep on refering to?
9/19/2003 09:49:54 AM Mountain g9:: see if 90 can hold her down
9/19/2003 09:45:13 AM Mountain g9:: 16 ;)
9/19/2003 09:41:21 AM Mountain wlj:: harmonic grid looks like an invert,,,lets see if it stays that way
9/19/2003 09:38:55 AM Mountain wlj:: becareful, water not deep yet,,,maybe some rocks just below the surface
9/19/2003 09:22:48 AM Mountain BKW:: trin and ticks say smackdown-right now.
9/19/2003 08:57:40 AM Mountain dst:: it rained overnight and water is pouring into the lake
9/19/2003 08:55:40 AM Mountain BKW:: Wlj- ski'ng behind the bear boat!
9/19/2003 08:27:08 AM Mountain dst:: i like that support line too
9/19/2003 08:25:29 AM Mountain wlj:: 3 hrs low to low
9/19/2003 08:24:31 AM Mountain wlj:: dst, thanks for heads up on poss dbl bottom with overnite,,, one min spy just hit trend line up from low on 12th,,also sup/res going back 2 days
9/19/2003 08:22:38 AM Mountain g9:: the 90!........cha ching
9/19/2003 07:58:36 AM Mountain dst:: overnight low 33.75
9/19/2003 07:52:06 AM Mountain cjm:: wow. Isabella put over 1 million people without power. In Washington, D.C. it was quite a storm last night. The local power company is saying it could be up to a week before service to all customers is restored.

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