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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 09/20/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

1:15 I have to leave now-the screens will run until the close -see you next week_______
1:12 covered 844 for - 1. broke the 110 EXMA- a good trade does not do that___________
1:08 getting a squat on the 110 EXMA-if break,I'm out-if rally off it=continuation buy_
1:06 The Clinic chart has my proprietary S&P harmonic Grid-notice the double white line_
1:02 met resistance at Chiron flux-Chiron is now the arbitor between the buls and the bears_
12:54 trade 30 minutes old-raise stop to 843_________________________
12:48 now getting a dip in the 20 EXMA-if rises without crossing the 110 EXMA,cont.buy_
12:40 back to the 846 balance price-went 7.5 below it-7.5 above = 853.5=Jup/Nep flux__
12:31 at this point I have a choice-take 5 or trail a stop under the 20 EXMA-I'll take 5_
12:27 now I just move my stop-cover point is 850 or better______________________________
12:21 squatted on the 20 EXMA- then hit entry stop-sell stop goes 842 _______________________
12:16 buy 845 stop-in case it streaks___________________________________________________
12:14 getting abuy signal on the 20/110 EXMAs-watching orcurl up on the 110 EXMA_________
12:09 still flat-coming to the Moon,whcih may change things - it adds energy_____________________
12:02 the tracking indicators are pinched-good setup-still showing red Tide-_____________________
11:59 if this is a low, it is a weak one-trend is still down-could invert ot +Tide______________
11:29 Tide low looks good-Waiting for a good setup______________________________________________
11:15 MoonTides help me look forward-Red tide says coming into a low, so be alert for a buy chance_
10:59 I COULD say that reversal WOULDA worked-pointless-past is past-just look forward and do NOW_
10:56 now to the 1day screen with the S&P Harmonic Grid_______________________________________
10:52 covered my short 842-when i revers I abort quickly if it doesn't keep goin-clears my head_
10:46 reversing is one way to get on the right side, i.e. the trend shown by the 110 EXMA_______
10:41 reversed -this is a fierce battle,and the bears are plentiful_____________________________
10:40 if the market breakd down here, I will stop and reverse to short at 841__________________
10:37 we are getting a lot of "buzz"-up and dow streaks that don't move the average much_______
10:35 that works in a congestion, but not in a trend, where there is no balance level __________
10:33 my trade was just a "buy a return to balance" trade-846 is the balance price_______________
10:30 bears lost that battle and the bulls are gaining strength-I bought 844.75-not 1ADay,just me_
10:16 testing yesterday's close -looks like it held_____________________________________________
10:08 so far, the tracking EXMA's (read the tutorial) are tracking the red -Tide________________
10:00 now getting support off the +M270 moon flux-it if holds we could get a rally-on red -Tide_
9:49 yesterday's rally attempt could not hold the +M000 Moon flux-so dropped 90 degrees to +M270_
9:49 So what looked like chaos had a nice underlying order to it-a lunar order!________________
9:44 I put up my 2 day screen-yesterday congested in morning, tried to rally, then collapsed__
9:44 I have found looking back 1 day often gives you the "mood of the morning" and "mood of the PM"_
9:30 opening between +M270 and -M090 Moon flux lines -a congestion zone-____________________________
9:20 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

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