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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 09/21/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

4:05 cover 969 for +1-done for day-see you next week-closing 972=set by fall equinox____________
3:50 stopped for +2 - stop too close-rebuy 968 stop 962_________________________________________
3:42 raise stop to 966 and hold -4:00 should be resonant ________________________________________
3:26 bought 964 -put stop 961 and hold.Neptune just before the open set low,now square that point_
3:15 dropped to -M000/Nep flux-Xcgh squares Neptune 3:30 -vertical brown line_-buy 964 stop______
2:59 down as per green +Tide-do not expect dramatic sell off-963 is a balance level______________
2;51 trade not working and past Mercury-cover 965-________________________________________________
2:42 watch for the Mercury energy to come in --bought 968 stop 964_______________________________
2:37 got low exactly on red -Tide low-just hold and wait_________________________________________
2:21 bought 968-put stop at 964 and hold_________________________________________________________
2:11 stopped out for -6 , -5 for day--buy 968 stop_______________________________________________
2:01 Xchg just passed Jupiter, makeing minor low-bought 970 stop 964____________________________
1:50 Mercury flus set low, so it is hot-come to it at 2:48-could cause another streak___________
1:50 bought 970 stop 964 -a trend line under lows and resistance line along highs converge soon_
1:41 bought 970-put stop at 964-see the PHYSICAL support of Ven,Ura,Moon +M270 flux?___________
1:37 place buy stop at 970______________________________________________________________________
1:22 Node set a low-want to wait for another dip to buy-_________________________________________
1:09 At this point, we are seeing mixed tides-MoonTides let up look ahead at 2:20 for next trade_
1:03 stopped for -2 -may still be headed up-use close stops and control them-only thing you control__
12:47 bought 968 raise stop to 966-I added white vertical line showing where Xchg squares Node__
12:27 bought 968-put stop at 962_______________________________________________________________
12:17 this rally is U3 in a 6 hour Fractal of Pi Pattern, taught in course by that name________
12:15 stopped for -3, net +3 for day-looks like stuck on -M000 and Neptuen flux-buy 968 stop___
12:05 sold 958 put buy stop at 961 and cover 952 _______________________________________________
11:55 see how market has balanced at 963,between the -M000 and +M270 flux-chaos,then balance,etc_
11:25 lower buy stop to 968___and place a sell stop at 958____-now back on Emini data__________
11:22 Strange-I lost Emini data, but not big S&P, so now showing big S&P_______________________
10:57 I moved +Tide up-now place buy stop at 974,just above the Sun/Node flux__________________
10:52 Uranus square the moon brought us that streak-it may alos have brought us an inversion___
10:47 In last night's email I pointed out that 990 was an attractor set by the fall equinox_____
10:45 CANCEL TODAY'S 1ADAY TRADE!!!! going counter a rally like this has little change of profit_
10:37 Position traders were told to buy 952 via Email flash___________________________________
10:33 nice rally up the vertical blue Uranus line-up to the blue 110 minute EXMA_______________
10:24 I have adjusted the red -Tide, which looks like the one at work right now________________
10:20 1ADay trade now on myscreen.gif___________________________________________________________
10:08 I adjusted the green + tide back to a normal shift-fits so far____________________________
10:02 Look closely at yesterday at 9:33-vertical brown line is Neptune-it was on open today_____
9:56 sold 954 for +6 - I like to get +6 early in the day-it helps my composure___________________
9:55 change to sell 954 or better________________________________________________________________
9:52 raise sell stop to 949 and hold- sell 960 or better_________________________________________
9:50 bought 948. Place sell stop at 942._________________________________________________________
9:43 lower the buy stop to 948-__________________________________________________________________
9:30 This big of a gap is rare-945 is a balance level-place a buy stop at 952____________________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic________________________________________________________________
_The market is in a free fall in pre-open trading_-green +Tide shifted left 94 minutes may fit_________

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