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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:16 I'm folded,mutilated,and spindled-and done for the day-see you next week____________
3:14 out +4 _____________________________________________________________________________
3:09 stop 996.5__________________________________________________________________________
3:05 stop 997.5__________________________________________________________________________
3:01 stop 998-cover is 993 if get there-Chiron et all at 992_____________________________
2:57 finally breaking-stop 999___________________________________________________________
2:49 stuck on Neptune price as come to Neptune timeline___________________________________
2:37 don't like this but it looks like noise _____________________________________________
2:22 sold second 998 same stop_____________________________________________________________
2:15 sold 998 stop 1001 -20/110 sell-I have no patience today-happens_________________________
2:13 covered 998-bad entry___________________________________________________________________
2:11 jumped too soon-stop 997________________________________________________________________
2:07 bought 999 stop 996_____________________________________________________________________
2:04 so far we have a big potato-imagine a lasso around price -about to end__________________
2:01 getting a possible 20/110 continuation buy here ________________________________________
1:54 may be inverting to green +Tide___________________________________________________________
1:46 still in that horizontal congestion ellipse-ends about 2:20-be ready for a cont. buy__
1:42 stopped for 0-not much there-now wait for 2:20________________________________________
1:32 stop 999 - time to fly or die-________________________________________________________
1:29 stop 997.5 _cover is 1004 if get there________________________________________________
1:26 the quake in Japan was at 42 N lat, 144 E long-Uranus/Mars 330-72 degrees from the lat
and both 72 and 144 are on the 5th harmonic-big quakes are the earth ringing like a bell____
1:20 getting hot as Xchg comes to Moon/Sat/Chiron timelines________________________________
1:18 low came just after Mer/Plu timelines -price 1005 is from same planets_______________
1:16 stop 997-so far, so good-things changed as passed the sun_____________________________
1:10 the SP9Day chart shows coming out of a longer term low from out of band_______________
1:02 getting 20/110 buy -still in 1 hour window from 12:10 , so bought 999 stop 996_________
12:54 high set by Mars and Uranus-Uranus is the bringer of earthquakes-midpoint is Neptune_
low is same distance below Neptune as from Nep to Mars/Uranus___________________________________
12:52 that 12:10 was a low, so it was good to cover-may now get a 20/110 buy________________
12:50 our cover was 996-looks like low of day is in_________________________________________
12:44 just sent Email Flash to position traders to cover our short from 1025________________
12:40 including early session, have had 3 drives to a bottom-suggests up___________________
12:36 won't go down,won't go up-stay out for now__________________________________________
12:28 aborting 997 for 0__-made marginal new low and recovered_____________________________
12:23 stop 998-going flat___________________________________________________________________
12:08 stop 999 - looking OK__________________________________________________________________
11:53 sold 997 stop 1000 on continuation sell_________________________________________________
11:47 may not get a 12:10 trade - if not 2:20 looks like end of congestion_____________________
11:42 holding up-wait __________________________________________________________________________
11:38 going into this Tide turn have a 20/110 sell and test of the 20 EXMA-ready to sell if drop_
11:31 This looks like a horizontal ellipse congestion pattern_-began at 8:50_________________
11:12 Now I just go back to the game plan-next trade time is 12:10-wait for it and be ready___
11:11 if you have never lost your discipline, you've never traded-ith is THE battle of trading_
11:08 people have cycles just like markets-and you are not always in synch-this is why we need _
rules-and the discipline to to follow them-_ lost my discipline-regaining it is a decision___
11:05 one of the hardest things to do is to bench yourself when you don't play well-________
11:03 still to-ing and fro-ing_____I'm sitting on the bench for now- 10:42 aborted 999 - clearly over reacting-taking a break ___________________________________
10:36 rebought 1000 stop 998__-bounced off 999 and 110 EXMA-I'm being stubborn_______________
10:34 out 0 - rubbish so far _______________________________________________________________
10:31 stop 999 - pressing hard - if it is going to rally 999 will not be hit_________________
10:25 bought 999 stop 996 -anticpating the 20/110 buy a bit _________________________________
10:17 the S&P has periods of turbulance like this-4.5 to 6 point swings in 20 minutes_________
if you get into this whitewater, you may take a loss or two-stay cool and wait________________
10:15 stopped again-happens on occassion-don't get emotional about it-it is just a game_______
10:06 note that prices got above the 110 EXMA, but the 20 EXMA did not________________________
10:05 resold 9978 stop 1000 -second continuation sell signal__________________________________
10:01 does not look like that is happening-wait_______________________________________________
9:56 now I'm watching for a 20/110 buy_________________________________________________________
9:53 out -2 -good. Getting out of bad trades quickly frees you to look ahead-___________________
9:52 stop 999 - Don't like the lack of follow through____________________________________________
9:48 sold 997 stop 1000__________________________________________________________________________
9:45 I'm going to park a sell stop at 997-__110 EXMA is down as per red -Tide____________________
9:43 maybe not-may just be hanging fire-stay flexible___________________________________________
9:42 no follow through - going flat or up ______________________________________________________
9:39 possible continaution sell setting up-I want to see what the 110 EXMA does_________________
9:36 got little down blip as Xchg passed Neptune, right at Neptune price -blue lines labled N___
9:28 Opening about 4 points above the 996 low, suggesting modest up day-1008 major resistance________
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

9/26/2003 02:16:55 PM Mountain kb:: Have a great weekend Al...
9/26/2003 02:06:24 PM Mountain kb:: speaking of Milwaukee, go Stros.
9/26/2003 02:06:07 PM Mountain dst:: actually we'll just say its Marguerita time everywhere
9/26/2003 02:03:59 PM Mountain dst:: yeah I guess Miller is Milwaukee??
9/26/2003 02:00:59 PM Mountain kb:: K9..?
9/26/2003 01:59:28 PM Mountain Al:: not here-it's Coors time-made with cldear Rocky Mountain Spring water-except at their plant in Tennessee
9/26/2003 01:58:17 PM Mountain dst:: its definately Miller time in Colo AL
9/26/2003 01:58:06 PM Mountain kb:: Actually, the comments are still showing up in the lower section of the CC site, just not on top
9/26/2003 01:57:27 PM Mountain dst:: ya - all there now
9/26/2003 01:56:25 PM Mountain Al:: I was typing, but the technocrap broke and last few comments went into the bit bucket
9/26/2003 01:55:46 PM Mountain bkw:: K-9 suits hime more than G-9 out with a point.
9/26/2003 01:54:02 PM Mountain wlj:: after last week perhaps thr return of g9 sent al in to orbit.
9/26/2003 01:49:19 PM Mountain dst:: this whippy stuff is tiring boys
9/26/2003 01:48:10 PM Mountain dst:: you're right - the price flow stopped too
9/26/2003 01:43:38 PM Mountain bkw:: he seemed to have left in mid sentence and the numbers with him???
9/26/2003 01:40:53 PM Mountain dst:: I show an hour ago was his last.....
9/26/2003 01:40:07 PM Mountain dst:: Al's commenting quit on the Clinic?
9/26/2003 01:26:35 PM Mountain g9:: am I an outta here.......see ya
9/26/2003 01:23:21 PM Mountain g9:: btw......I eat anvils for lunch.....(burp)
9/26/2003 01:22:28 PM Mountain g9:: yeppers
9/26/2003 01:20:37 PM Mountain kb:: Change in trend..?
9/26/2003 01:20:19 PM Mountain kb:: CIT..??
9/26/2003 01:19:26 PM Mountain g9:: 29th is an important CIT fwiw and all that jazz
9/26/2003 01:17:51 PM Mountain kb:: Hi g9..
9/26/2003 01:17:41 PM Mountain kb:: still a shot that we're still in an ellipse, just a bigger one than Al talked about..
9/26/2003 01:13:09 PM Mountain g9:: long again......LOL
9/26/2003 01:12:08 PM Mountain g9:: ack......minus 2
9/26/2003 01:10:57 PM Mountain wlj:: is 992 lifting its skirt it dirty harry
9/26/2003 01:10:04 PM Mountain bkw:: G-9 just got run over by a truck full of anvils!
9/26/2003 01:03:40 PM Mountain g9:: giddy up......long
9/26/2003 12:55:53 PM Mountain bkw:: tmw is tanking it should pull everything down if it keeps going
9/26/2003 12:50:03 PM Mountain bkw:: raising stop to 1002
9/26/2003 12:48:57 PM Mountain Al:: need something-tell Crazy Harry her husband is at the door
9/26/2003 12:45:12 PM Mountain bkw:: just slathered moon grease on the rails hope it works!
9/26/2003 12:28:42 PM Mountain bkw:: I'm getting the feeling we get a repeat of yesterday new lows into the close-hope so!
9/26/2003 12:23:54 PM Mountain bkw:: sold 998 stop 01
9/26/2003 12:05:40 PM Mountain kb:: Al, didn't mean to repeat what you said about 13 minutes ago, about the ellipse, any way or thoughts about incorporating the clinis comments into the chat area..? I know, just what you need, something else to think about,;)
9/26/2003 12:00:47 PM Mountain wlj:: 3 runs at hi so far,,interesting earth quake info
9/26/2003 11:58:30 AM Mountain kb:: Hi Al, you might be right about that ellipse
9/26/2003 11:57:55 AM Mountain dst:: chat messages on the Clinic are out of time order on my screen Al
9/26/2003 11:51:45 AM Mountain Al:: hi kb
9/26/2003 11:50:43 AM Mountain kb:: nice trade on the options..
9/26/2003 11:49:40 AM Mountain kb:: bkw, Snag-it is a good screen caprture program..if your looking..
9/26/2003 11:46:36 AM Mountain kb:: Hi Al and all
9/26/2003 11:37:16 AM Mountain dst:: I like that analogy WLJ
9/26/2003 11:35:52 AM Mountain bkw:: out minus 2
9/26/2003 11:34:08 AM Mountain wlj:: a.m. sp heart beat = every :10 to :15 after the hour since the open.
9/26/2003 10:59:23 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 999 stop 1002
9/26/2003 10:54:54 AM Mountain wlj:: last 90 min tick made higher lows,,,adv issu hanging around hi of day
9/26/2003 10:41:07 AM Mountain bkw:: it's sure clinging to the red tide.
9/26/2003 10:26:52 AM Mountain dst:: AL - I think share a chart would be a great idea - also that way you have supervision and control over the applicability and usefulness of the submission to your method and site
9/26/2003 10:22:10 AM Mountain bkw:: out plus two and a bit.
9/26/2003 10:15:41 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 997- WLJ yes it is but I have it overlaid on the spoo chart and the channel signals are quicker to recognize than the chart.
9/26/2003 10:10:08 AM Mountain wlj:: bkw, look at aux page is that the whole thing ??
9/26/2003 10:09:31 AM Mountain bkw:: at the time I captured that- those bands were tight as price converged- the channels expand and contract with the market.
9/26/2003 10:08:37 AM Mountain wlj:: share a chart would be good
9/26/2003 10:02:42 AM Mountain Al:: I put it in the aux page so all can see-is it time to program "share a chart" ?
9/26/2003 10:00:43 AM Mountain bkw:: Al - disregard I've sent it to Wlj and Dst-on its way guys.
9/26/2003 09:50:42 AM Mountain bkw:: Al- could you forward it to WLJ and DST-Thanks.
9/26/2003 09:50:12 AM Mountain dst:: and me at
9/26/2003 09:47:21 AM Mountain wlj:: who ever sends it, you can shoot me at
9/26/2003 09:34:47 AM Mountain bkw:: Well Al-it does show the movement before you can see it on the chart-try it-it works for me.
9/26/2003 09:32:07 AM Mountain bkw:: WLJ and DST-once we hear if the boss got it?? we'll ask him to forward it to you two and anyone else who wants it-if he didn't get I'll go back to the drawing board.
9/26/2003 09:30:59 AM Mountain Al:: bkw-I got it-good job-looks like a poor version of the Market Profile chart
9/26/2003 09:27:27 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 999 stop 02-Al did it come thru???
9/26/2003 09:17:45 AM Mountain bkw:: Al -it seemed to work-check your mail and see if came thru
9/26/2003 09:16:39 AM Mountain dst:: email Mars/Uranus 1002 holding it for now
9/26/2003 09:11:23 AM Mountain dst:: if you can get this going BKW, I'd like the shot too
9/26/2003 09:03:43 AM Mountain Al:: bkw: Windows has a capture capability- try this:

1. Press the Alt key and hold it while pressing the Prnt Scrn
key-usually to right of funtion keys-it may just say Print

This copies you screen to the Windows clipboard

2. Open up Window Paint - the Windows graphic editor

3. Now past the clipboard contents into Paint
if it says image is too big, should I enlarge, say yes

4. Save the image to a file. It will be a xxx.bmp file, which is big but OK in this day and age

5. Attach it to an email
9/26/2003 09:01:00 AM Mountain wlj:: bkw, dandy option trade.
9/26/2003 08:58:15 AM Mountain bkw:: Looking at the wilshire index (tmw) which is the index for every stock listed on all exchanges-it is getting hammered. It's a good one to watch as a signal for the Spoo futures.
9/26/2003 08:54:57 AM Mountain bkw:: We wanted volatility we got it alright.sold my 1050 puts at 999-will reload lower if we break down.
9/26/2003 08:50:22 AM Mountain wlj:: will revisit site after close
9/26/2003 08:43:51 AM Mountain bkw:: WLJ- I'll try that after the close-did you get the price chart on the model on the site???
9/26/2003 08:35:34 AM Mountain wlj:: bkw, my chart program has email built in. if you got a manual with what you use check that or call tech people, maybe they can tell you.
9/26/2003 08:31:50 AM Mountain bkw:: AL- I don't think I have a screen capture program??? Maybe WLJ can get it off the site??
9/26/2003 08:26:48 AM Mountain Al:: bkw: you need some sort of screen capture program-I use Corel Capture - you start it, then your trading program, then hit a hot key, which saves the screen to a file that you can send or email
9/26/2003 08:17:41 AM Mountain bkw:: Al and WLJ- first Al- being a computer illiterate I don't know how to send a screen shot??? WLJ-if you are going to take the free trial register for both screamer and charts-if you want an example of the chart on the model right click any symbol and when it opens click live chart and then price chart-hope I;m clear-and AL if you e mail how to do it-i'll do it
9/26/2003 08:16:51 AM Mountain dst:: double yeow
9/26/2003 08:10:32 AM Mountain wlj:: bkw, same subject as al, i went to the web site, a number of options, which one do click on ?
9/26/2003 07:52:22 AM Mountain Al:: bkw: could you email me a screen shot of that little price display you described yesterday - it sounds like one I've thought of programming

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