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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 09/27/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:50 cover 829-I'm done for the day-see you next week__________________________________________
3:29 raise stop 826.75 -if this trade is right, it will not be hit_____________________________
3:22 bought 828.75 stop 822 for now____________________________________________________________
3:12 Larry Pesavento found the Venus/Uranus cycle very stong in the market-____________________
---High near Uranus today-coming to Venus ______________________________________________________
3:05 here is the drop that is in the MoonTide and the XTide-they say don't chase it_____________
2:57 don't like it-cover 832_____________________________________________________________________
2:54 The low is a Face of God pattern center--meaning a sharp rally is possible__________________
2:44 down move has 7 swings-making a down Chaos Clamshell-bought 833.50-stop 829.50______________
2:43 When 20 EXMA is more than 4.5 points from 110, can trade a return to 110-buy 833.50 stop_____
2:38 move down is now 4 hours old = 1/6 of a day-S&P runs on 6th harmonic-bottom forming_____
2:24 There will likely be another dip near 3:20, then a rally-both MoonTide and XTide say so__
2:21 Once the bandgap jump is over, prices can quickly reverse-as forecast by the MoonTide__
---so if you get any part of a bandgap jump, Cash In On Chaos when it is done_________________
2:20 Covered 832 for +7 - one trick of makeing money is to take it when it is oferred to you___
2:08 keep in mind as you look at these MoonTides, that they are computed from physics,_____
--and use NO PRICE data-they are not curve fits-and I can compute them for any future time_
2:07 I have found covering with an "or better" stop one point from the flux usually works_
2:03 getting close to the -M090-touching it completes a "Moon flux bandgap energy jump"__
1:50 got 1ADay +5 lower stop on my second to 840-sold 839_-cover 832 near -M090 flux______
1:46 excuse me-1Aday to cover 836 on +5 ___________________________________________________
1:35 sold number 2 at 839-1ADay will cover 835 -put stop on both at 843_____________________
1:28 during a pullback like this, one can look for the "hollow" under or above the 20 EXMA__
------ and use it to place another entry stop or your first one-here it would go about 839_
1:23 this rally did not turn the 20 EXMA up, a sign of weakness-for now stop still 844______
1:12 hex at 842-12=830 -next harmonic target__________________________________________________
1:02 back to the two day screen-now -M090 at 832 is probable___________________________________
12:57 sold 841 stop goes at 844_________________________________________________________________
12:54 Just had a Hex pattern recognized -says 12 point move form 842 probable-so critical time___
12:51 I have a Face of God pattern telling me this low could hold-if not, sharpdrop_______________
12:44 stopped our of my stupid trade - the 110 is down-possible continuation sell_-sell 841 stop_
12:33 bought 847.50 -stop 842.50-not the 1ADay trade-wait for 20/110 buy, then 110 curl 12:24 got data back-getting some lift -can put a buy stop above 110 at 847.50___________________
12:20 just lost data _____________________________________________________________________________
12:16 the slope of the 110 EXMA matches the red -MoonTide,telling me to watch for a rally_________
12:05 just after that,we have a tight Sun/Merc square Chiron at 1:00-that WILL change the energy_
12:00 down white major grid & up white major grid draw a converging triangle-meet at 846/12:38_
11:57 in such a market, the S&P Harmonic Grid is a big help-have double white Major grid going up_
11:54 as long as we stay above the Node/Moon/Plu flux bundle, we are in a trading range market_
11:48 sharp drop as Xchg squared node and pluto-should retest the node-pluto fluxlines near 843_
11:31 When the 110 EXMA is broken by price afer a buy or sell on the 20/110 EXMA, _____________
11:31 the market has gone flat-stay out________________________________________________________
11:21 out for -1. the -M000 flux has "captured price." Tides say look for another trade after 1:00_
11:16 another squat down to the Moon flux and near the 110 EXMA-raise stop 849.50,under 110 EXMA_
11:12 rescaled my chart-had a squashed scale left over from ystrdy-this is my normal 2 day scale_
11:07 bought 850.50 stop 848.50 cover 855.50 __slow move so "Take 5 and stay alive"_______________
11:04 stop raised to 848.50-.5 each 30 minutes____________________________________________________
10:49 have 20/110 buy,& the 1st dip-watch how we come out of it-in I were not in,I'd look to buy here_
10:39 the low came off the +M180 Moon electric fluxline-odds are good that will go to +M270 flux_
10:35 Chaos follows the breaking of balance-at a bifurcation you can but an entry stop either side_
10:34 bought 850.50-stop goes at 847.50 ________________________________________________________
10:30 the 20/110 EXMA's are pinched-a good setup-they need to separate to get a good move_______
10:27 I'm putting buy stop 850.50-in case streak up-this is a finess technique for entry________
10:23 getting lift as pass Uranus as per XTide -at the bifurcation point-balance will end soon____
10:14 to rally move, market has to get above -M000 Moon flux or below +M180 _____________________
10:12 In a congestion, the + and - Tides battle-where they cross is a chaotic bifurcation point_
10:09 I sometimes use XTIDE as extra information-at bottom of screen-it has sharp low near 10:20_
10:04 846 is a balance price, where the +M180 and -M000 electric fields cancel-forms congestion_
10:02 I have made minor left/right shifts in the Tides-support holding and attracting a small crowd_
9:50 early entries are a bit of an art-averages lag a bit -be patient and wait for them to catch up_
9:47 Put up 2 day chart-it shows probably on green +Tide-so I'mm watching for rally for first 1ADay
9:41 found support there-this is a strong flux bundle-Could hold support all day________________
9:36 that was short-lived-Best support should come at +M180/Node/Plu flux bundle at 841.75 +____
9:32 opening looking for some support-found some on Saturn electric field flux line_______________
9:20 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

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