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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 09/28/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:45 cover position-done for the day- see you next week-_______________________________________
3:30 trying to rally into the closs-I expect it to fail before then____________________________
3:20 sorry about the boredom-I don't make the markets, I just tradet them______________________
3:05 still holding up-looks like a distribution top before a decline-__________________________
2:40 paint drying is more exciting-chaos follows dullness_______________________________________
2:20 following red -Tide-sold 1039 stop 1047-sell a second 1038, same stop______________________
2:05 following red -Tide, now turning down-hold short and be patient_____________________________
1:56 sold 1039-put stop 1047-top still forming____________________________________________________
1:39 raise sell stop to 1039 - coming into MoonTide high______________________________________
1:33 put a sell stop at 1038 again-top is still forming_______________________________________
1:26 took shift out of red -Tide-__stopped out____________________________________________________________
12:56 sold 2 1036.5 stop 1041 - starting down red -Tide - if it is right, wow________________
12:44 sold 1138, put stop at 1141,short 2 at average 1136.5 stop 1141________________________
12:37 Add a sell 1138 stop __-left end of 3 hour stick about to go up,right down_______________
12:30 sold 1035 stop 1041-converging triangle-ending soon- URA/VEN/Moon set low yday,hi today___
12:20 I have shifted the red -Tide left 90 minutes-a big but not unknown shift-_________________
12:00 sold 1035 stop 1041-added 3 hour "floating stick" watch right end go down as left goes up__
11:46 Stop survived retest of the top____Venus rising is setting the high_______________________
11:40 A mirror Fractal of Pi pattern down fits here-sold 1035 stop 1041-holding_________________
11:30 retesting high-Note Venus electric field flux line-Venus is in East at sunrise____________
11:15 coming to MoonTide turn__-sold 1035 stop 1041-holding______________________________________
10:58 So far,if you compare the blue 110 min EXMA wiht Tides, see that we are following green +Tide_
10:41 sold 1035-place stop at 1041 and hold-we are betting that the high of the day is in_______
10:11 place a sell stop at 1035-_________________________________________________________________
10:09 had a data probelm so now showing big S&P-price at URAnus and Moon price and time______
9:59 stopped for -5___getting streak up Moon/Uranus___now 4 points past our stop______________
9:56 Last Friday's low 939+90=1029= 1 Quarter circle in 1/4 a month (Moon-th)__________________
9:52 sold 1027 stop 1032-so far so good__________________________________________________________
9:43 sold 1027 -place buy stop 1032 ______________________________________________________________
9:31 Sell 1032-5=1027 stop _-Moon/Uranus=high energy-could shift vertial move in Tides into today________________________________________
9:30 1Aday trade is to sell early by trailing a sell stop 5 points under price____________________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic________________________________________________________________

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