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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 10/04/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

2:57 that's 5 winning trades in a row-a very good day-I'm done-screen will run-see you next week_
2:55 covering 804 for +7-__lots of overhead resistance to chew through+out of band________
2:53 remember hex pattern?-one corner is Neptune-getting resonant streak up Nep time line_
2:49 getting a rally now-Sun,Moon,2#0, band edge, doji, 20/110 all told me buy___________
2:44 on low I had a doji on the band edge-no tide turn but 2:30 is a common turning point
2:38 wheel of fortune says move is 180 degrees Sun to Sun-now over- buy 1 797 stop 793_
2:34 have 7 moves down from the high,a Chaos Clamshell -so could get a late rally_______________
2:32 cancel that stop-I just notice it was at the lower band edge-not a good place to sell
2:26 110 was again resistance-penetration failed -sell 795 stop______________________________
2:13 covered 799 for +2-Getting a return move into the band off the Sun line-795-may hold ___
2:09 note today is a trending day-20/110 system sold early, still short ______________________
2:07 getting another continuation sell on the 20/110-had hammer at start of rally, SS now_____
2:02 lowering stop now to 800_________________________________________________________________
1:46 remember that hex pattern at 806? 806-12=794-now getting another "resonance" _____________
1:43 this is a big move-may really drop-fun to be short for free________________________________
1:39 trading two contracts is a technique used by many traders-cash one in, let the other ride__
1:30 I will cover teh 803 at798 for +5 for official hotline trade, and lower stop on other to 801_
1:27 that high on Uranus indicates strong overhead supply_short 2 803 and 801 stop 805________
1:16 sold second one 801-moves top on both to 805-trend is down___________________________________
1:05 note that the 110 EXMA,the trend indicator,only slowed on the correction,& is now steepening_
12:56 the 20/110 EXMA's are suggesting a continuation sell-sell 803 stop 806__________________
12:53 Harry is parked in the station-__________________________________________________________
12:45 of course, Crazy harry, conductor of the S&P train, likes long lunches-so volatility may slow_
12:42 trying to rally going into solar noon at 1:00 -watching for a 20/110 crossing____________
12:29 I put up the two day chart-looks like trying to rally-in band now so watch 20/110 EXMAs__
12:24 that out of band trade was good for a return to the 110 EXMA-email rules were good;I wasn't_
12:19 I don't like the down turn so covering both at 805.25_______________________________________
12:16 got return move to the 110 EXMA and turned down-getting pinch with the 20 EXMA ___________________
12:08 I will take +5 on one, and hold the other-so cover 1 at 809.5 ____________________________
12:03 buy a second 805 stop 802 on both_________________________________________________________________
11:52 I am going to modify the take profit rule from the email-take +5,move stop 1 pt/30 minutes_
11:49 nice hammer, broke 20 EXMa -bought 804.50 -stop 801.50___________________________________
11:46 now getting a bounce off the 801 Venus- still in time window so I will take a bood setup_
11:36 does not look like a good turn- skip it and wait for next one near 1:00 ___________________
11:31 lower stop to 805.50 -have a doji on the 3 minute candle-801 is Venus support___________
11:18-lower buy stop to 807.50__-again looking for a hammer and a break above 20 EXMA________
11:17 breaking below the SA/SR-we are outof band, so the only trade is a possible buy________
11:12 This point is price sqaure time by the Moon clock ______________________________________
11:05 I will place an entry stopto buy at 809 stop-I have a Hammer on the sp1day chart_________
11:03 we below the normal trading band, so I will watch for a move back into the band_________
11:00 We are coming into the Tide turn. Our hex recognizer has found a resonant pattern at 806_
10:53 Now getting a retest of the lows-see the attractor? it becomes a repellor soon_____________
10:38 Early fast moves are very hard to trade-so one has to NOT worry about "missing the trade"____
10:38 That worry is useless-you have missed thousands, so what's one? Use the info and look ahead_
10:28 the red Tide slope now gets shallower,and goes flat-first clear Tide turn is near 11:15___
10:23 I have circled the "hot spot" that I marked on last night's email-a chaos strange attracttor_
10:16 we are currently tracking the red -Tide and probing for support-807 Pluto/Node/Moon may be it_
10:12 this fast move away from 828, set by the Equinox, is bearish longer term-_________________
10:01 That streak was brought to you by Uranus-low was EXACTLY on the Sun electric field flux line
9:52 having broken 819, the next level is 813-812 ________________________________________________
9:45 and right back to the 819-which is about the level of the lower trading band_________________
9:32 had early move from 819 Venus to Sun flux near 831 -two of the forecast prices_____________________________
9:20 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

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