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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:08 I'm done-thanks for coming-see you next week__________________________________
3:05 close enough-covered both 1032, +3.25 on each_-only one counts for trackrecord__
3:03 getting clost to next Tide turne, also a cover point_________________________
2:57 I will cover one at +5-stop 1034______________________________________________
2:55 stop 1035 -Neptune time and price_____________________________________________
2:52 lowering stop to 1036.5 __looks like on red -Tide____________________________
2:46 covering for -.75 , then sold 2 __at 1035.25_stop 1038.25_____________________
2:42 stop 1035.25 ________________________________________________________________
2:38 note how the 110 EXMa is following the lower of these line-hold tight_________
2:35 trapped between the two yellow MoonTide Harmonic grid lines___________________
2:32 changing my stop to a sell 2 so I reverse if hit______________________________
2:30 stuck on the Node 1036.5 flux line-also a grid balance price___________________
2:24 bought 1037 stop already in at 1034-raise to 1035 , given the low volatility___
2:20 chaos follows boredoom-hang loose____________________________________________
2:13 a common turning time is 2:30 -after that often go one way____________________
2:09 still hanging fire - should end soon___________________________________________
2:00 putting a buy stop at 1037 - this is a "bifurcation" entry technique________
1:57 here we either get a continuation buy for a 20/110 sell______________________
1:56 still holding 1035 -put sell stop 1034________________________________________
1:39 at the third trade time-wait to see how it comes out of this____________________
1:28 The Harmonic point 1038/1:20 is now a repellor___-may get 20/110 sell____________
1:21 looks to me like we have the red -Tide shifted left about 20 minutes- ________
1:19 out +1-not much there-turned as passed Chiron and Saturn time lines-____________
1:13 stop 1036.50 _not really that fast of a rally___________________________________
1:09 stop 1036 getting hotter as come to the Moon-hold tight_________________________
12:55 stop 1035.50___-likely to make 1039.50 in Moon to Moon band gap energy jump____
12:53 have a grid harmonic point at 1038/1:20 _______________________________________
12:52 stop 1034.50 - getting acceleration as approach the Moon and make new highs____
12:49 bought 1035.50 continuation buy stop 1032.50 __________________________________
12:44 now coming into the 2nd trade time - nothing to go on yet_______________________
12:39 now getting some lift-the Jup/Moon 1039.5 is the attractor_______________________
12:16 pop up and distribute days come when the general trend is down, but a short term
news item gives the specialists a chance to unload their inventory before a decline____
12:12 so far following the green +Tide-goes flat here for a while ______________________
11:58 this looks like a "pop up to distribute" day_______________________________________
11:45 when the market goes flat, it is hard to stay out, but you need to_________________
11:39 nothing there-covering -.5 _______________________________________________________
11:22 resold 1032 stop 1035-not hotline trade-just a read________________________________
11:14 that's 4 tries at the highs-without success-not looking good for bulls______________
11:10 running into resistance at the Neptune price again -not much energy up or down______
11:03 The MoonTides show a lot of ripples this morning, and we are getting them____________
10:44 I covered because out of band trades that don't move are dangerous_
10:40 don't like this - covering +1_________________________________________________________
10:33 this down white grid line harmonizes with the yellow MoonTide grid at 1023/1:20_______
10:26 now getting support again-bulls getting anxious-stop held for now_____________________
10:23 this is a key point 10:32 help, one 3 point qunatum below 1035 harmonic point _______
10:17 support on the Venus/Moon line-should become main attractor now______________________
10:12 stop 1033 -now safe, free trade-_____________________________________________________
10:09 stop held -time to be patient-now everyone sees a double top__________________________
10:02 it may work-the grids almost harmonized at 1035/9:25___________________________________
9:59 An early trade against the trend is riskier than normal-but one just takes them as they come_
9:52 Selling 1033 stop 1036 -out of band sell 9:48 The key attractors here will be Moon/Venus at 1030.5 and Moon/Jup at 1039.5_____________
9:42 I posted an article on the Harmonic Grids-here prices are in a white grid channel up____
9:38 our trading rules say that this is an out of band sell setup_____________________________
9:30 Neptune has bee strong all week-here ralled into Nep timeline, to Nep price _____________
9:15 opening up on news that economy added jobs for the first time in 8 months-now overbought_
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

10/3/2003 02:03:34 PM Mountain g9er:: I'll stay short until Wed.....then long into 10/22
10/3/2003 01:53:33 PM Mountain wlj:: LOL
10/3/2003 01:49:41 PM Mountain mm:: bkw, where do you live? Bed Sty, Roxbury?
10/3/2003 01:49:03 PM Mountain wlj:: note decline started right after vert sat, looks like spmay end up near sat price,,,,moon was 180 sat today
10/3/2003 01:48:35 PM Mountain mid:: so the action started when clinic ended
10/3/2003 01:47:30 PM Mountain bkw:: I think G-9 left the building.
10/3/2003 01:47:29 PM Mountain dst:: jumpin the wake...
10/3/2003 01:43:11 PM Mountain wlj:: todays open gap is about 1021
10/3/2003 01:41:35 PM Mountain bkw:: I like this-run G-9 Run!
10/3/2003 01:37:28 PM Mountain bkw:: It's Flyday alright!
10/3/2003 01:18:17 PM Mountain dst:: and keep an eye out for guys with orange cable
10/3/2003 01:17:06 PM Mountain Al:: bkw: I used to say trading wouldn't get you shot like war, but maybe I was wrong! Stay in your foxhole.
10/3/2003 01:08:54 PM Mountain g9er:: LOL........stopped right where I said it would
10/3/2003 12:45:19 PM Mountain wlj:: trapped in yellow grid,vert nept and tide dead a head
10/3/2003 12:43:48 PM Mountain wlj:: chaos never sleeps bkw
10/3/2003 12:40:06 PM Mountain bkw:: 10 minutes ago I was about to post a comment-hear sirens look out the window 3 cops with guns drawn taking down two young guys who are now cuffed hand and foot both punks had pistols lordy!
10/3/2003 12:31:30 PM Mountain wlj:: future trading a point or two below cash
10/3/2003 12:00:43 PM Mountain wlj:: feet not stepped on. als adding the yellow grid a great addition to chart.
10/3/2003 12:00:11 PM Mountain dst:: 110 is right on the up moon harm grid line so should soon see if it will support it for another move up to top of channel or turn into resist for move to bottom of lower channel
10/3/2003 11:54:45 AM Mountain kb:: didn't mean to step on your feet wlj, nice observation although I didn't know at the time I read your comment that that was what you were talking about..
10/3/2003 11:53:00 AM Mountain mm:: The last H, on Sept. 19, was 1039.00
10/3/2003 11:51:13 AM Mountain wlj:: 11:10:45
10/3/2003 11:50:01 AM Mountain Al:: kb: that aux chart is from my MoonTide program, plotting the 10 day MoonTide - it was posted last week
10/3/2003 11:37:28 AM Mountain kb:: Looks like the SPoos are stuck between the 2 diagonals, the bottom diagonal starts on the left at 1028 and goes up to about 1033 on the right. the top diagonal starts at 1034 and goes up to 1040 on the right. the parallel diagonal in between semms to offer a resting place.
10/3/2003 11:31:14 AM Mountain kb:: Nice Aux chart Al, mind if I ask what that's from?
10/3/2003 11:26:40 AM Mountain kb:: Hi Al, and Chaos clammers
10/3/2003 11:10:45 AM Mountain wlj:: looks like highs and lows in up slope yellow grid
10/3/2003 11:03:31 AM Mountain g9er:: that should be about it.....I'm going to take a nap.....see y'all next week
10/3/2003 11:03:30 AM Mountain wlj:: at dbl top with 9-18
10/3/2003 11:02:29 AM Mountain bkw:: this thing is approaching critical mass.
10/3/2003 10:55:38 AM Mountain g9er:: ;)
10/3/2003 10:54:07 AM Mountain wlj:: same creeping type of advance we have had the last few days as shorts feel the heat.
10/3/2003 10:36:21 AM Mountain bkw:: 3 drives to a top in the dow with marginal new highs not so in spoo cash-biig divergence.
10/3/2003 10:25:02 AM Mountain g9er:: JMHO.........they take all the shorts out at the close and smash'em down into next Wed, then the rally gets moving again.
10/3/2003 10:10:50 AM Mountain wlj:: up to als 1039.50 ?
10/3/2003 10:04:28 AM Mountain mig:: AL: as the 110 is flat, can you explain what you mean by "Pop up and distribute day" How are you using the word distribute?
10/3/2003 09:53:39 AM Mountain dst:: the orange cable has kind of a seasonal, Halloween feel to it too.....
10/3/2003 09:51:22 AM Mountain dst:: yeah the modem had two days off - so he asked for a lounge chair and a Silver Coin marguerita, before he would go back to work - if only I could make such demands.....
10/3/2003 09:45:54 AM Mountain wlj:: i like the modem on the lounge chair
10/3/2003 09:44:46 AM Mountain bkw:: DST- that shows real dedication to the craft.
10/3/2003 09:41:31 AM Mountain wlj:: venus and nept have a ping pong game going, one of them will swing and miss
10/3/2003 09:35:13 AM Mountain wlj:: LOL
10/3/2003 09:29:57 AM Mountain dst:: the current high tech solution is a beautiful orange cable strung across three yards from the neighborhood line extension box to my patio, where the modem is sitting on a lounge chair and then 100 ft of ethernet from the modem thru a window to the router - Rube LIVES BABY!!
10/3/2003 09:26:37 AM Mountain dst:: cable broadband down for two days -
10/3/2003 09:26:05 AM Mountain dst:: bkw is wearin his quiet slippers
10/3/2003 09:25:20 AM Mountain wlj:: dst, we thought big foot got you
10/3/2003 09:25:18 AM Mountain bkw:: Divergence-dow new high spoo cash no and double top on dow.
10/3/2003 09:20:50 AM Mountain dst:: chop suey
10/3/2003 09:18:02 AM Mountain bkw:: Just sold my calls now fully short.
10/3/2003 08:50:52 AM Mountain g9er:: come on bears is that all ya got? ;)
10/3/2003 07:57:09 AM Mountain wlj:: good news for you bkw,full sp gap at 995.40
10/3/2003 07:51:28 AM Mountain bkw:: a rocket ride into overbought-can't be much ammo left.
10/3/2003 07:35:07 AM Mountain wlj:: another coincident,,,the full sp gap from 9-22 is 1032.70
10/3/2003 07:30:03 AM Mountain mm:: I always thought that the pit tries to jerk the price from one of their S/R level to the next, but apparently there are plenty Globex e-mini traders who also follow these levels: They were waiting at 10023.35, when the news came out they jumped over 1026.85 and went to 1029.05 to take a rest, and then went to 1032.70, the highest R for the day. Is that a coincident?
10/3/2003 07:20:34 AM Mountain wlj:: that first tide one hr before the open had some pop to it
10/3/2003 07:04:16 AM Mountain wlj:: guess they liked the employment numbers

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