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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 10/05/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:00 bought 1062, sold 1074 for +12, makes +1.5-.5+5+12=+18 today-I'm done-see you next week_______
2:56 MoonTides are real-their discovery was a gift to me-Thank you, Great Engineer__________________
2:50 bought 1062 stop 1063, raise to 1067 and hold-cover 1074 or 3:30-great MoonTide________
2:40 See how the Moon flux pair was an attaractor at the 1071 balance level-sell 1074 OB____
2:33 Covered 1ADay for +5, now long 1 from 1062 stop 1062,move to 1063_______________________
2:30 as the left end of the 3 hour floating stick comes down,right end goes up, hold on______
2:23 bought 2 at 1062-raise stop to 1062-sell 1 1067 or better, hold the other________________
2:20 vibrating about Moon's Node flus, coming to Full Moon, volatility should increase________
2:12 buy a second 1062, stop 1060-cover one as per 1ADay, try to hold second___________________
2:06 1ADay says to cover on gain of 5, so sell 1067 or better.________________________________
2:02 bought 1062 move stop to 1060-Red Tide is shifted right 15 minutes_______________________
1:55 bought 1062 move stop up to 1059_________________________________________________________
1:52 buy 1062 stop, add a sell 1057 stop-see how flux lines boxed in prices? real, physical!__
1:47 lower 1ADay entry buy stop to 1062_______________________________________________________
1:42 cover long from 1061 at 1060.5 for -.5 -leave 1Aday buy stop 1063.5_______________________
1:31 bought 1061 stop 1058 and buy 1063.5 stop on 1ADay-time to move____________________________
1:21 This is "going into" 1:30, so place buy stop $+3=1063.5____________________________________
1:19 bought 1061 stop 1058-1ADay setting up as a buy -See the M ?_______________________________
1:00 1ADay is looking for an M or W pattern ending near 1:30,so if get down move, have M________
12:42 bought 1061 put stop at 1058-got support from Plu/Sat/Venus-1Aday on myscreen.gif__________
12:27 lower buy to 1061 stop-testing the lows, move 7 in down Chaos Clamshell_____________________
12:23 the 3 hour "floating sticks" show the 3 hour channel, rotating upward-buy 1063 stop________
12:18 buy 1062 for +1.5 and cancel stop__________________________________________________________
12:13 lower stop to 1063 _________________________________________________________________________
12:02 not moving - lower stop to 1065.5-control the risk__________________________________________
11:50 sold 1063.5 put stop at 1066.5 and hold_____________________________________________________
11:47 rally slowing - looks it is move 6 up in 7 moves in a down Chaos Clamshell_-sell 1063.5 stop______
11:31 followed green +Tide early-with clusters at 11:00 and 1:00 could get inversion to red -Tide_
11:24 now rallying up to the Jup/Mars/sun flux bundle at 1066, Xchg passes near Noon_____________
11:12 See the energy as the Exchange squares saturn/Pluto and conjoins Venus_____________________
10:48 if you get a partial screen, wait 5 seconds and refresh again-low came on time by +Tide_____
10:42 OK-I found the bug and programmed around it-in "bandgap energy jump" 1071 to 1053-set by moon_
10:18 Having a technical problem-I'm working on it-still on green -Tide______________________
9:56 stopped for 0___technical problem on screen - bottom getting cut off_________________________
9:50 lowering stop to 1068-on Green +Tide, says only go for 3 points here__________________________
9:44 Balance broken to downside as Xchg passed Uranus-I sold 1068 stop 1071 -buying 1065 or better_
9:32 opening EXACTLY on 1071 balance level, set by the crossing Moon electric field flux lines____
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic________________________________________________________________
__________1071 is a Chaos Balance level__________________________________________________________________________________

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