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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 10/11/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

2:16 +4 -I'm done for the day-I feel awful-screens will run until close -see you next week_
2:10 this is an out of band trade-so cover is +4 at 837 or better__________________________
2:08 sold 841 stop goes 844________________________________________________________________
1:59 don't like it-covered 842.50 _top of band sell setup-sell 841 stop under 20 EXMA______
1:53 watching carefully now-right at Tide turn-move stop up to 841________________________________________ 1:48 cancle sell stop 836-just trade this one move_______________________________________________
1:46 846 looks like high-buy one 842.50 stop 839.50____cover 846 or better_____________________
1:44 put a sell stop 836-one point under Uranus-if hit soon, a top is in_______________________
1:40 rally has now gon a harmonic 72 points-840is significant resistance from Oct 3rd_________
1:31 coming into tide turn time-this move is still out of band-________________________________
1:17 I should have taken that coninuation buy-I have a bad cold and splitting headache-sluggish_
1:03 yesterday's low was on Uranus flux-839 is aother Uranus flux and resistance____________
12:58 another continuation buy-no action-waiting for next Tide turn__________________________
12:46 that last high had an out of band Shooting Star, so selling is coming in______________
12:30 on 2 day chart can see a fireball around the quarter Moon /planetary cluster_________
12:25 got it-Perfect 1ADay 20/110 type trade_______________________________________________
12:23 looking good-it may well jump to the next Moon flux-but all I want is my +5__________
12:15 cover price will be 835.50-just going for a few bucks -this is buying late in a rally_
12:12 bought 830.50 stop 827.50 on continuation buy_______________________________________
12:06 trying to rally but struggling ______________________________________________________
11:49 now passing the bundle of planeary time lines -continuation buy or a sell? wait to be clear____
11:33 Crazy Harry,conductor of the S&P train, has stopped in station 828-must have a girl here_
11:30 this is a low, and prices have pulled back into the normal band-possible change green tide
11:11 so far the red -Tide is in effect-it shows major turn 11:30 ___________________________
11:02 The momentum is slowing,prices are out of normal bands,so wait for move to run its course_
10:43 chaos at work- hugh move-then stops dead-S&P only moves 49% of time _____________________
10:23 rally stopped by the Moon/Chiron/Sat/Mer/Mar electric field flux bundle__________________
10:00 there is 828 - verticle moves are next to impossible to trade-wait for calmer conditions_
9:37 rally started with Moon/Pluto 771 yesterday -looks like doing trip Moon quantum move_________
9:32 opening up with a momentum carry over from yesterday_________________________________________
9:20 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

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