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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 10/12/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:52 I'm done for th3 dayt-thanks for coming-see you next week_______________________________
3:33 popped up to the Moon/Uranus flux, where price squared time-bearish for next week_______
3:29 stopped out-I gave back all I made-my reactions late in day too slow-why I like 1ADay--
3:07 sold 1083-put stop 1089 for now_________________________________________________________
3:05 Sell 1083 stop_ -M180 flux was a killer ________________________________________________
2:57 rally should hold up until pass quarter Moon at 3:22-may sell there____________________
2:53 stopped for -3-getting energy from quarter Moon-Next resistance -M180 moon flux line___
2:42 sold 1083 stop 1086-jury still out-just betting that trading range holds________________
2:24 I'm back-looks like my trade would have worked-now sell 1083 or better, stop 1086________
2:00 It's time for lunch for me-screen will run-see you later_________________________________
1:45 cover 1076 for -1 and cancel stop____________not looking good____________________________
1:26 this trade needs to move soon-raise stop to 1075_________________________________________
1:08 passing the Sun/Mars/Merc timelines, bought 1077 move stop to 1074 cover 1083 or better__
12:51 bought 1077 put stop at 1071 for now_______________________________________________________
12:49 coming into low on red MoonTide-may see a bounce off the +M180 Moon flux-buy 1077 stop____
12:33 The balance has now been reset.Expect a trading range tween Mer/Sun/Mar/Jup & Sat/Plu flux_
12:26 Retesting the Saturn/Pluto flux-Chaotic break is loosing momentum_______________________
12:15 looks like balancing at 1080-cover at 1080 for +9_______________________________________
12:00 sold 1092 lower stop to 1089 and buy 1074 or better-near Moon/Uranus price______________
11:51 Isn't chaos fun? We balance,then we jump,then we balance_The Moon's Node triggered chaos_
11:50 getting drop at Node-lower stop to 1092-sold 1092________________________________________
11:25 left end of 3 hour stick must now rise up yesterday's late rally, so right end goes down__
11:12 sold 1092 stop 1098-have a converging triangle, apex near 11:50, near Node time line_______
10:53 with all this chop,2 things tell me to work the short side-blue 110 min EXMA and 3 hr stick_
10:46 sold 1092 -put stop at 1098 and be patient________________________________________________
10:37 Exchange now passing Plu/Sat -below the SA/SR - sell 1092 stop____________________________
10:30 stopped for -3_____________________________________________________________________________
10:25 sold 1092 stop 1095-I'm moving stop 2 Qunatums (6 points ) from the low due to chop________
10:18 that point where the Plu/Sat time line and flux line cross is a Strange Attractor/Repellor__
10:11 sold 1092 put the stop at 1095__-wild________________________________________________________
10:04 I was stoppped out at 1095-1ADay stop was too late to be filled at low so raise to sell 1092_
10:01 It was too fast to put on the Net, but I sold 1095 _________________________________________
9:55 test of 1098 failed-start trailing sell stop $-3, sell 1089 stop______________________________
9:52 looks like on red -Tide-retesting 1098 balance level-_________________________________________
9:44 1ADay trade is shopping for a sell setup just after 10:00_____________________________________
9:33 opening with price square Moon and Uranus-1089 is a balance point where Moon flux crossed_____
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic________________________________________________________________
__________________Mars/Sun/Mer/Jup set highs yesterday__________________________________________________________________________

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