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Here are Al's comments
3:10 I'm done for the day-remember the One Day Special-see you next week
3:08 I'm taking my +5 -may be more but I'm tired
3:05 stop 1036.5 - at grid crossing-I make the low to come at Mars time
3:00 stop 1037-I plan to cover on Venus 1034
2:58 I have locked in 2.25, now fast move, will try for more than +5
2:57 stop 1038.25 -no rebound allowed here
2:55 passing Moon's Node in time-Node price is 1036.25
2:50 looks like Crazy Harry is gagging on the tongue depressor
2:41 notice here how the 20 EXMA is pushing prices down like a tongue depressor
2:38 high was 9:48-6 hour 1/4 day move is 3:48
2:27 still following red -Tide. 1 point locked in-try to hold until late
2:20 stop 1039.50-Face of God pattern warned me of that drop
2:15 now getting some movement -was about to cover on stall rule
2:11 this is an MMS trade-making money Sloooowly
2:07 should get much more volatile as come to Moon's Node timeline
2:02 nice GBK (Good Bye Kiss) to -T090
2:00 so far OK-only risking .5
1:53 here I'm watching to see if 110 EXMA pushes prices down like a tongue depressor
1:49 I put my stop at 1041-the balance price-trying to get by first rally
1:43 note the curl in the 110 EXMA, separation of the 20 from 110 EXMA =>good
1:35 stop 1041-the balance is broken-chaos follows
1:31 high was on Venus/Neptune-coming to them in time-1034 next V/N price
1:29 now getting follow through-All I watched there was the 20/110 EXMA
1:25 stop 1042.5
1:18 OK, so it's a continuation sell-sold 1040.5 stop 1043.5
1:15 I am going to park a buy stop at 1042.50-above congestion
1:10 slowly gaining upside power-be patient
1:06 chaotic systems balance, break the balance, balance, over and over
1:01 there is the sun energy-now, will it rally off of it?
12:53 green +MoonTide shows a double bottom-looks like this bottom will be a higher low
12:46 about to get a 20/110 buy-my Jude system just bought-I'll wait a for 20/110 setup
12:41 now at Mercury-starting up from energy center-looking for 20/110 buy
12:31 now as pass the energy center, start to see a change in behavior-have regained 1041
12:24 my Face of God pattern says that last low is a major point for the day
12:19 note the energy center at 1041/12:40 - want to see it's effect for next trade
12:11 this drop is as per green +Tide-it has shown general pattern-early high, drop so far
12:09 so Mercury squares the Chi/Sat/Moon bundle-telling us that after Mer, look for change
12:06 that hex was formed by Mer,Plu,Nep, with mid points Moon/Chi/Sat and Ven and Node
12:04 We had one Hex pattern recognized today-see List of charts->Hex Wheels today->only one
12:00 now coming square Moon/Chiron/Saturn-then conjoin Mercury and Sun
which are nearing "Combust"
11:47 note we came down 4 up yellow grid lines-lowest one is now support
11:30 getting some lift from the red -Tide -so support has held
11:15 market has settled into a vibration about 1041-no trade until next Tide
11:06 I have posted a chaos chart in the AUX page. It shows why today's high
    is very significant-it is a Face of God center-a Strange attractor, now repellor
10:57 that dome is a small "Fireball" formed around the Pluto price/time point
10:51 retesting the lows-so far still holding-note little dome pattern
10:47 just passed Pluto time and price-still flat, but momentum may be turning up
10:43 notice how the white and yellow grid lines are always forming triangles-
that is where triangles come from
10:40 have an out of band buy setup coming out of the Tide turn-watching for strength
10:38 that Pluto/Moon -T090 flux bundle stopped the chaotic move cold-pretty amazing
10:30 notice the range of that resonant streak was about 7 x1.5 points =10.5, typical
10:26 now, either the green +Tide shifted right, or we are on the red -Tide
so I may get a trade coming out of this Tide time
10:23 the high came on the Email Venus 1051.5-low now on email Pluto/Moon 1042
10:18 out +5 at 1042 - not a bad start -had to take that trade early,
but I just watched the 20/110 EMAs, who told me it came early
10:16 at the band edge, tend to get reverals or "running the edge"-this one could run
10:11 stop 944.75 -hanging on band edge
10:05 stop 945.5 - at the yellow grid crossing-coming to Pluto time-942 is Pluto price
10:03 stop 946-penetrating lower Larson band-range close to 9-cover target is 942
10:02 stop 1047-the range on a harmonic streak is usually 9 or 12 points
9:58 stop 1048.5 - this is a "going into the turn" trade, and fast, so press stop fast
9:56 the high was set by Venus/Neptune-sold 1047 stop 1050
9:53 getting a 20/110 EXMA sell-note support on 1047 Chiron/Saturn electric flux line-
9:50 wow-got resonant spike where the white S&P Harmonic grid and the yellow MoonTide
Harmonic grid harmonize-
9:42 still very quite-had a data glitch
9:10 Pre-opening just resting on the Sun electric field flux line
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

10/17/2003 01:57:52 PM Mountain bkw:: MM- remember bradley is plus or minus 2 days.
10/17/2003 01:23:43 PM Mountain bkw:: You got a good memory WLJ-moment of truth now if spoo cash can;t close back above 1041 the looooong rally is toast.
10/17/2003 01:08:47 PM Mountain wlj:: bkw,not to far from your option numbers.
10/17/2003 12:52:49 PM Mountain dst:: thanks - he said "dive" two or three days in a row
10/17/2003 12:33:00 PM Mountain Al:: NICE CALL: 09:25:54 AM Mountain dst:: Cap'n Neptune is with us again in the pm after tide time
10/17/2003 12:21:31 PM Mountain dst:: jtrader has stopped working here
10/17/2003 12:17:30 PM Mountain g9:: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
10/17/2003 11:24:22 AM Mountain wlj:: it would be 4hrs from hi ,,,,2hr from low
10/17/2003 11:22:45 AM Mountain wlj:: hi was venus/nept, maybe we take off at vert venus/nept ?
10/17/2003 11:10:05 AM Mountain wlj:: must have put a fresh gerble in the power generator,charts back to working quickly
10/17/2003 10:38:17 AM Mountain mm:: Thanks
10/17/2003 10:35:37 AM Mountain g9:: 10/22 on da Bradley
10/17/2003 10:33:00 AM Mountain wlj:: i am no longer a subscriber to site that gives bradley info.
10/17/2003 10:24:30 AM Mountain mm:: I hear that Bradley has a major CIT next week - Can anyone confirm?
10/17/2003 10:21:46 AM Mountain bkw:: what a bunch of skunks-right to support-rinse, wash, repeat.
10/17/2003 10:13:21 AM Mountain wlj:: 1039 is s/r from 10th and 14th,full sp
10/17/2003 09:59:41 AM Mountain Al:: pretty much-In my annual forecast I had seasonal turns in March,June, Sep, and Dec on the equinoxes and solstices. We turned down late Sep, got a rally, but if can't hold it I see seasonal move into late Dec-
10/17/2003 09:48:55 AM Mountain bkw:: Al- when 1041 falls I see it drop to 1026 then bounce to a lower high then straight down to xmas-do you agree??
10/17/2003 09:46:58 AM Mountain wlj:: are we going to get a up side down h/s here ?
10/17/2003 09:41:44 AM Mountain Al:: bkw: I agree-the Aux chart shows this AM drop was the first thrust- and if they can hold it up today, they rally a bit on Monday, then kerrrrpowwww
10/17/2003 09:37:32 AM Mountain wlj:: LOL
10/17/2003 09:33:56 AM Mountain bkw:: typical op/ex pinning bs, squeeze the longs then go up and squeeze the shorts-rinse, wash, repeat.
10/17/2003 09:29:41 AM Mountain bkw:: Al- your comment about 1041-is what I mean if 1041.12 is taken out (today it will be danced around) then we seal a top and start a good pull back-if it happens it will be monday. Our range is 1041 to 1058 cash-odds are we break the bottom.
10/17/2003 09:25:54 AM Mountain dst:: Cap'n Neptune is with us again in the pm after tide time
10/17/2003 09:14:55 AM Mountain wlj:: monday must be his birthday, just dropped down to jup,,,its 60 the moon to day.
10/17/2003 09:04:24 AM Mountain Al:: bkw: please elaborate
10/17/2003 08:46:46 AM Mountain bkw:: what happenes today is meaningless-what happens Monday is key
10/17/2003 08:38:47 AM Mountain dst:: yesterday big SP low 41.80
10/17/2003 07:55:42 AM Mountain wlj:: that was a sneek tag email venus and run
10/17/2003 07:50:49 AM Mountain wlj:: share a chart ,,,,click list of charts page, top right
10/17/2003 07:43:44 AM Mountain Al:: I think we have a lot of new traffic today-meanwhile, check out the new Share a Chart-someone please post one
10/17/2003 07:37:26 AM Mountain wlj:: site strange today,running very slow.

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