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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 10/19/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:17 stopped - back to 1071 balance level-coming to the Moon-done for the day-see you next week_
3:02 sold 1068 stop 1071-may or may not work, but last chance today_______________________________
3:00 sell 1068 stop if hit buy 1071 stop___________________________________________________________
2:56 I adjusted green +Tide to shift right 40 minutes to match low of day-shift happens-says done_
2:42 there is the Neptune flux-note 7 swings in the rally-that's why I'm not chasing it___________
2:35 stopped for 0 again-the Neptune flux is active-not much to trade here------------------------
2:25 sold 1067.50 lower stop to 1067.50 -I just bet on the green +MoonTide with help of flux lines_
2:17 peaking here-sell 1067.50 stop 1070_________________________________________________________
2:10 getting another thrust-expect resistance at the bundle of electric field flux lines__________
1:50 stopped for no gain-the Jupiter/Mercury flux repelled it-very dull day so go for small gains_
1:38 bought 1064 raise stop 1064 ;cover 1067 _________________________________________________
1:24 bought 1064 stop 1063-cover 1067 or better________________________________________________
1:14 getting some energy from Sun/Mars - put a buy stop at 1064-if hit, protect 1061____________
1:12 Note the nature of chaotic markets-balance-break-balance-break-balance;1077>1071>1062____
12:45 coming up to solar noon-Xchg is passing sun and squaring Mars__still no action__________
12:25 midday is often flat-could hold at 1062 for some time___________________________________
12:06 I also recognized a 7 move down Chaos Clamshell from yesterday's high____________________
12:00 covered 1059 for +3-that's a 3 point "QuickPick"--I used the Sat/Plu flux as target_____
11:54 getting slow move sold 1062 lower stop to 1064__________________________________________
11:37 sold 1062 stop 1065 buy 1059 or better-__Xchg passing Venus now, Mer/Jup 12:20__________
11:30 still congesting, so low not in yet- put a sell stop at 1062 it hit protect stop 1065____
11:15 1062 is a chaos balance level-a natural point to get congestion-just stay out for now_____
11:00 now congesting-possibly getting inversion on MoonTides____________________________________
10:53 Hello Hong Kong- thanks for watching at such weird hours__________________________________
10:47 a 3 point quantum is a price evenly divisible by 3-prices are at a quantum until hit next__
10:47 another approach is to use 3 point quantums-here we would have sold 1065,stop 1068->1065___
10:30 stopped for +.75 on 1ADay - it is a mechanical trade-started a bit late but OK____________
10:29 sold 1063 stop 1062.25 buy 1057 or better_________________________________________________
10:22 sold 1063 stop 1063 buy 1057 or better-should hit +M000 moon electric field flux__________
10:13 sold 1063 stop 1064 -focus on moving it-buy 1057 or better________________________________
10:09 sold 1063 stop 1065 buy 1057 or better____-getting support at Node flux___________________
10:03 sold 1063, trail buy stop by $+3 = 1065.25 , cover a 6 point gain=buy 1057 or better___
10:00 place buy stop $+3,sell stop $-3, so sell 1063 stop buy 1069 stop ________________________
9:56 acting weak-1ADay may sell, but wait_______________________________________________________
9:47 just after 10:00, the Exchange squares Pluto and Saturn, which are in opposition____________
9:40 found support on Sun/Mars/Moon electric field flux lines-amazing how they work_________________
9:33 opening flat-1ADay is to go with the flow at 10:00-___________________________________________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic________________________________________________________________
__________________Mars/Sun set lows yesterday___-highs last Friday_______________________________________________________________________

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