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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
2:23 I have already made one more trade than planned, so I'm done -net +3.75 -thanks for coming-see you next week
2:20 since we passed the Moon, we have followed the red -Tide pattern-so may hold up to close
2:15 covered for 0-do not like this bounce off the Neptune flus double bottom
2:07 note the range so far is a nominal 45 degress -90 to 45 -could double by close if get a panic
2:02 Market AstroPhysics says we will complet the -T090 to +T270 band gap energy jump-hold fast
1:55 stop 1020-if look at current SOHO image on List of Charts page, you can see the Sun cooking
1:51 this is a "Twentyman Grinder"-steady trend, but thrusts are swift and pauses are long
1:47 continuation sell-early but sold 1018.5 stop 1021.5 -110 tongue depressor stopped rally
1:40 looks like have green +Tide pattern, but this leg is squashed
1:36 not working -covering for 0 -wait for next Tide turn
1:28 hear the bulls gag on the tongue depressor? like that the 1020 grid price held-stop 1021
1:25 now watching for 110 to act as tongue depressor and push prices down-if not, I'm gone
1:13 resold 1019 stop 1022
1:09 stopped for +2.25-may resell -stop may have been too close
1:01 from the high, you see 4 moves-there are 7 in a down Chaos Clamshell-so this is about the middle of the move
12:56 also note that prices have reached the lower band edge -hold stop
12:51 Notice the slope of the 110 EXMA-normally about slope of yellow grid-fast move, about slope of white grid
right now, it is steeper than the white grid-so this is a strong move
12:46 stop 1019.5 -Chaos can really be profitable
12:39 stop 1021-wil hold for more than +5
12:37 stop 1021.75 -break even-looks like on red -Tide, doing a band gap energy jump from -T090 to +T180
12:35 now we are coming to Mercury cojoin Sun=combust-it sets price at 1014
12:29 must be careful here-could be the low in the green +Tide-stop 1023
12:26 sold 1021.75 stop 1024.75-finally giving up the -T090 flux
12:24 now, going into this Tide turn the trend -110 EXMA-is down-and have a flat 20 EXMA-cont. sell setup
12:21 I'm covering this one on the stall rule for +1.5 -need to look ahead to next Tide turn
12:18 passing Moon and easing lower- this is a continuation sell setup
12:15 right now tracking neither Tide-was on green +Tide-may be getting an inversion to red -Tide
12:09 now getting a continuation sell setup -my stop looks good
12:05 yesterday's high was on a Neptune flux-next lower Neptune flux is 1016.25
12:02 coming into Moon-110 EXMa say trend is down-clinging to -t090-if drop, next Moon +T180 at 1012.5
11:53 stop 1023-prices staying under 20 EXMA, and it is separting from 110 - may try for more than +5
11:44 stop 1024.5 - coming to Moon, which is squaring Chiron and Saturn (bearish)
11:33 tracking green +Tide-got confusing because had a "hook and go" false signal on the 20/110
11:27 coming out of Tide turn have a 20/110 sell and 110 curl sold 1023.5 stop 1026.5
11:24 I'm stuck in a congestion -20 and 110 EXMA's are tangled - covered 1024.5
11:20 looks like I jumped early again-nothing to do but hold stop and wait
11:14 still OK-this is a slow "grinder" type rally - have to be patient
11:01 bought 1025.5 stop 1022.5
10:54 have a 20/110 buy crossing going into the Tide time-wait for 110 EXMA to curl up
10:38 again bounced of the 1022 Moon/Jupiter support-bullish-coming into 2nd trade time
10:30 Now the EXMA's are flat-with support at 1022, no big down move likely, I expect congestion
10:14 out of band trades are counter trend-so have less potential-if cross 110 EXMA, can gain momentum
but if they fail to hold it, it is over-the out of band trade is a "reversion to the mean" trade
10:11 penetrated 110 EXMA and died-covering 1024.5,+1.25
10:00 rally-stop 1023.50-I may hold for more than 4
9:58 a few minutes after 10:00 Xchg squares Pluto-rally or die there
9:52 note supporting white up grid line-raise stop to 1021.25
9:50 the Exchange is now passing Jupiter, and price is squaring time on the Wheel of Fortune
9:46 looks like a trading range day between -T090 and +T270 Moon electric field flux lines
9:41 early trades are tricky-often get "opening noise"-this one is looking better
9:38 whoops-jumped too soon-see if support holds
9:34 bought 1023.25 stop 1020.25
9:31 First trade is setup as an out of band buy -1022 Jupiter looks like support
9:19 is linked on the List of Charts page.
9:18 From Solar activity is high. An intense X5-class solar flare erupted today
(Oct. 23rd at 8:35 UT) from sunspot 486 near the sun's southeastern limb. The explosion hurled a
coronal mass ejection (CME) into space. See the movie. Although the CME was not Earth-directed,
it could deliver a glancing blow to our planet's magnetic field as early as Oct 24th
(although the 25th is more likely-
9:08 prices at lower band edge at yellow MoonTide Harmonic grid intersection
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

10/24/2003 02:03:28 PM Mountain dst:: awesome call by FOG - thats killer
10/24/2003 02:02:44 PM Mountain Al:: covering at 27.5 + 6.5
10/24/2003 02:01:16 PM Mountain mm:: They pulled it back up to the P
10/24/2003 01:59:53 PM Mountain Al:: confession:I got out of the Clinic because my Face of God pattern told me this rally was setting up-and it runs to the close
10/24/2003 01:57:28 PM Mountain dst:: +5 in the bag
10/24/2003 01:57:10 PM Mountain bkw:: I still think they sell the close-we will see.
10/24/2003 01:56:38 PM Mountain Al:: still in
10/24/2003 01:51:57 PM Mountain dst:: 25 huh? who'd a thunk it? just gotta follow the energy
10/24/2003 01:44:40 PM Mountain Al:: last one -cont buy 1021-stop now 1022 -
10/24/2003 01:33:03 PM Mountain dst:: red tide
10/24/2003 01:30:56 PM Mountain bkw:: just enuff to take me out.
10/24/2003 12:44:07 PM Mountain dst:: here - some distractions today
10/24/2003 12:42:56 PM Mountain bkw:: sold 1021 stop 1024
10/24/2003 12:38:58 PM Mountain bkw:: out minus 1.75
10/24/2003 12:37:02 PM Mountain bkw:: wlj and dst-you guys sure been quiet??
10/24/2003 12:12:11 PM Mountain bkw:: sold 1017.50 stop 20.50
10/24/2003 11:22:48 AM Mountain bkw:: out plus 5 and a bit
10/24/2003 10:50:33 AM Mountain Al:: your 1012.93 is the Moon T+270
10/24/2003 10:50:14 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 1020
10/24/2003 10:45:41 AM Mountain bkw:: ditto on 1021
10/24/2003 10:42:10 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 1022
10/24/2003 10:27:34 AM Mountain bkw:: 1020.83 is the big one there is no support till 1012.93
10/24/2003 10:17:13 AM Mountain Al:: after da moon we should be OK
10/24/2003 09:46:08 AM Mountain bkw:: me too-AL- it's tricky and hard right now but I think the falls out soon.
10/24/2003 09:39:18 AM Mountain Al:: nice entry bkw-always nervous when we are not on same page
10/24/2003 09:37:34 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 1023
10/24/2003 09:32:17 AM Mountain dst:: I think Chi/Sat vert was hot yesterday - coming up soon
10/24/2003 08:56:40 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 1025 stop 1028
10/24/2003 08:46:14 AM Mountain bkw:: out minus1
10/24/2003 08:44:23 AM Mountain wlj:: mm, thank you.
10/24/2003 08:40:58 AM Mountain mm:: The Pivot is 27.50 - the other Support/Resistance levels are: 49.90, 43.10. 42.10, 35.30, 34.30, 28.50, 27.50, 20.70, 19.70,13.90, 12.90 and 6.10
10/24/2003 08:36:19 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 1025
10/24/2003 08:33:29 AM Mountain dst:: I have 1023.50 as the first support pivot
10/24/2003 07:57:09 AM Mountain wlj:: picture of the day is mars and its two moons,if we traded on mars i wonder what those moon grids would look like.
10/24/2003 07:53:29 AM Mountain wlj:: first tide time a center punch
10/24/2003 07:47:56 AM Mountain wlj:: LOL
10/24/2003 07:46:29 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 1024 top 1027
10/24/2003 07:44:49 AM Mountain bkw:: zippety doo dah-zippety e ah!

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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