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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 10/25/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:47 OK-covered 896.50 - done for the day-see you next week________________________________
3:32 raise stop 893 and cover 4:02_________________________________________________________
3:24 still holding up-green tide up to close________________________________________________
3:15 stop survived but need to rally soon____________________________________________________
3:03 watch for resonant streak at 4:00, since 10:00 was_______________________________________
2:46 my channel top on my 24hour all hour chart is near 906___________________________________
2:37 raise stop 892______________band gap energy jump _-________________________________________
2:29 what tipped me of there was the bound off the Moon flux line-they can be powerful____ 2:11 buy 889.50 stop 886.50__-looks like short covering rally______________________________
2:08 covering-not going anywhere-____________________________________________________________
2:04 but Moon,Chiron,Mars keep saying yes_____________________________________________________
1:57 tried to rally -Sun said no, then Neptune said No, then Vensus said NO____________________
1:52 I think we just switched from green +Tide to red -Tide ->down into the close-sit tight_____
1:43 minor high right on Venus-3 drives to a top-just sit tight_________________________________
1:27 yesterday, the market brok after the Xcgh passed Venus-coming to it now__
1:20 I have a down Fractal of Pi pattern saybinbg we could go to 864 _just hold short____________
1:11 sold 887.50 stop 890.50 -just hold for now - could get a
major move here____________________
1:09 if you look at the yellow 20 EXMA, it shows 2 moves up from the morning low-says rally done_
1:01 SP9day chart EXMA's show a continuation sell setup________________________________________
12:50 that rally was as 50% retracement of the decline _________________________________________
12:33 2 day chart shows a down trust followed by a rising wedge correction________________________
12:14 sold 887.50 stop 890.50___________________________________________________________________
12:07 sell 887.5 stop____________
12:00 stopped-I'm too jumpy today______________________________________________________________
11:55 top of band and Shooting star - sell 885.25 stop 888.25________________________________
11:49 getting a rally to Mercury flux________________________________________________________
11:45 the SP9day chart shows the channel turned down, and a double top________________________
11:25 that little high came on Chiron Time-matches high in red -Tide__________________________
11:17 Moon flux stopped that rally-congestion can be expensive, so stay out-but awake________
11:05 The Moon flux form congestion channels-here centered on 882____________________________
11:00 water under the bridge-by AUX page, put a sell stop 874-channel lines flat-congestion_
10:52 I missed the early trade -too busy getting everything running-SP1 chart shows out of band_
condition on the high-sell at 884 on break of 20 EXMA,take 4 was there-sometimes miss them _____
10:45 I like to draw pictures on charts-opens up the right brain-I use Ensign-good drawing tools_
10:43 done-now click on the AUX button and look at my 1 hour All hour chart-___________________
10:26 for now we are congesting-in a few minutes I'll put a chart on the aux page showing something_
10:17 now we have neither an out of band signal, nor a good 20/110 cross and curl signal_______
10:15 rally stopped at the Sun flux line,then dropped as Xchg squared the Moon_________________
10:05 got the expected resonant streak at 10:00. Looks to have shifted the red -Tide right______
9:50 stopped immediately-wait a bit now _not clear which Tide is working yet___________________
9:48 sold 876.50 stop 879.50-early entries are tough-___________________________________________
9:42 problem with order system is fixed-110EXMA says trend is down -put sell stop 876.50 ________
9:14 Emini orders are being processed manually due to technical difficulties-we will not trade _____
9:14 under these conditions_________________________________________________________________________
9:20 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

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