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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 11/01/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:23 I'm done for the day-see you next week-_________________________________________________
3:22 topped out on Moon flux/Saturn-too late to trade, but a nice 6 hour move________________
3:13 getting the late rally as exspected Moon and saturn hotup to 900-maybe 902 Mars_________
3:01 October had higher than normal solar wind speeds starting on the 9th-now normalizing_____
2:35 Took Ace to the park & shoveled snow-Still around 894 Uranus-again,I see no trade above 887
2:35 But watch for a high at 3:30, completing a 6 hour 1/4th day move from 9:30_____________
1:53 I'm going to take a break - I'll be ack if Crazy Harry moves the train_________________
1:49 All I would do here is park a sell stop 887-market has gone flat on Friday PM-likely to hold up_
1:44 getting 20/110 crossing-watch for a pullback to the 20 exma_____________________________
1:23 stopped for 0-since out of band trades are countertrend, we press the stop tight________
1:21 this is an out of band entry-sto stop goes above 20 EXMA-stop 894-cover 890__________________
1:04 shifted green tide right by 36 minutes-sell 894-stop 898 for now_________________________
12:55 have now made a Node/Pluto bandgap energy jump of 18 points-may stall here_____________
12:48 We now have a rising wedge pattern with the Apex up at 902.50/2:00______________________
12:43 that fast move came from passing Jupiter, part of the resonant Hex-________________________
12:35 I missed the continuation buy that came early-so I will pass on the trade______________
12:31 rally putting prices out of the trading band -watch for break below 20 EXMA_____________
12:00 Crazy Harry is the conductor of the S&P train-loves long lunches-has a girl at Station 891_
11:54 passing solar noon and cluster of planets-range set by Uranus before open and now_________
11:40 the next tide turn is 12:30 - the move forecast by it is smaller,so it may not be tradable_
11:30 the IBM9Day chart is showing 3 drives to a top and a Pesavento Butterfly pattern________
11:15 A minute ago you were saying "He got out too soon"-but my AUX chart said cover_-check it
11:03 this is chaos trading at its best-balance, boring-then chaotic move-then back to balance_
11:00 889.50 and 882 were 2 of my key prices for today-basicallybought one, sold the other__
10:55 discretion is better part of valor-I'm just going to take my +5-covered 889.50______
10:48 bought 884-stop 881 -by fast move rule raise to 886.50_______________________________
10:46 move has a good chance to go to 891-12 point side of that hex pattern________________
10:34 now getting the breakout-produced 20/110 buy -buy 884 stop 881________________________
10:22 When market gets dull-watch but don't trade-wait for a volatility breakout____________
10:18 for some perspective,look at AUX page-shows my 1 hour all hour chart-gentle downtrend_
10:10 hex pattern recogizer has identified 879 as a key price-set by node,pluto,nep,jup,mars
10:06 getting a continuation sell setup - sell 874.50 stop _______________________________
10:01 scratch that-getting wild now-6 point bar-why I said wait until 10:08-________________
10:00 the market is flat-on clinic chart have a possible trend continuation sell setup___
9:52 The sun is quieter today than ith has beenin 2 weeks-may give us a dull market________
9:50 3 point blip as passed Chiron-a minor planet with a huge effect________________________
9:47 stopped at balance price of 882 ________________________________________________________
9:42 looks like getting low on green +Tide___plan to trade after pass Mars if sets up_________
9:32 Opening on Pluto/Node ______________________________________________________________________
9:20 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

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