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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 11/02/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

4:00 That is a classic Full Moon Top-covered 1087.5-see you next week-thanks for comming________
3:49 another run above but not holding the Uranus flux line-cover short at 4:00__________________
3:08 the last player Xchg passes today is the Moon's Node,exactly 2 hours after passing the Moon_
3:02 look carefully-see the small W, then the Bigger W?This is a form of fractal self-simularity_
2:58 When market goes flat, I watch XTide at bottom of screen-ends down-looks like distribution_____
2:42 Moon still repelling down, and so is Uranus-Please watch so I can test__________
2:34 sell 1087.50 put stop at 1092________________________________________________________________
2:30 4 tests of Uranus flux-Gann rule of 4 says panic follows failure to break resist.on 4th try__
2:27 I unshifted the Tides-the shifts were not helping-general pattern of Green tide is working___
2:23 stopped again-that Sat/Pluto time line was hot-stop may have been too close but can retry_
2:08 coming now to Pluto/Saturn in time, set low in price-sold1087 stop 1090-_________________
1:58 if you have taken the Face of God cource, put your overlay on the Moon ball-_____________
1:46 The Moon is now a repellor, so probably down for rest of day-sold 1087-lower stop to 1090_
1:40 sold 1087 stop 1092-repelling down from the Moon____________________________________________
1:30 Three drives to a top-forms the letter W, as in winning-Sell stop is at 1087_________________
1:17 passing Moon-hovering right at yesterday's high, set by sun flux-breakout failure?____________
1:11 See Moon repelling price-sell stop is at 1087-if hit protect at 1092_________________________
12:52 I shifted the red -Tide right an hour-Moon at 1:20/1091 is Strange attractor/repellor_______
12:35 I shifted green +Tide left an hour-that fits today so far-See the Moon attracting price?____
12:30 raise sell stop 1087 - if hit protect at 1090_______________________________________________
12:20 Note 7 move up Chaos Clamshell from ystdy low-Please watch so I can test__________
12:06 place a sell stop at 1085-if drops below Moon flux, should go short__________________________
12:01 stopped out on 1ADay-again, good setup, followed rules, and controlled loss,so good trade___
11:49 sold 1083.75 stop 1086.75 - see how Nep/Mars/Moon set the high in price and time?__________
11:44 raise sell stop 1083.75-if hit, trail buy stop $+3__________________________________________
11:35 hit Mars/Nep/-M270 Moon flux bundle as Xchg passes Mars/Nep_________________________________
11:31 1Aday is a sell, 1 hour trend is up, trail sell stop $-3=1086.25-3=1083.25 stop_______________
11:10 Please watch so I can test__________________________________________
11:00 this looks boring because market is flat-that is balance-chaos will follow when bal. breaks_
10:53 got high at Jupiter flux as Xchg passed Jupiter=real physics-now passing Mer/Ven-_____________
10:39 Jupiter flux repelled rally-it and Mer/Ven, then Mars/Nep flux are overhead resistance__________
10:31 looks like inverted to red -Tide-says not going much higher-lower later____________________
10:20 1Aday trade is at 11:30, counter the 1 hour trend if clear.Right now, no trend_____________
10:12 Stopped.Still good trade-had good setup, followed rules, protected, and out when it failed_
10:05 sold 1077-stop 1080-cover 1072-Please watch so I can test__________
10:02 put sell stop at 1077-if hit, buy 1080 stop________________________________________________
9:52 down along green +Tide-1080 is an important balance level-if break,1071 is next one_________
9:47 vibrating at Jupiter electric field flux line-Xchg passes Jup about 10:20____________________
9:42 I am running the clinic on two sites today-Please watch so I can test__
9:34 opening weak-suggests green +Tide working-For the new Chaos Clinic, go to Daytradingforecasts.com_
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic________________________________________________________________
_______________For the new Chaos Clinic, go to Daytradingforecasts.com__________________________________________________________________________________

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