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Here are Al's comments
2:52 tides flat into close-I am done for the day-thank you for coming-check out the special-see you next week
2:44 aborted -2 did not like return to the 110 EXMA
2:35 if you now sketch from 8:30, to 10:00, to 11:50, to 12:40, to 14:20, you have 4 moves of a down Chaos Clamshell
2:34 sold 1055 stop 1058
2:32 putting a sell stop at 1055
2:31 2:30 low on Moon suggests hold up into the close
2:29 looks like will get 20/110 sell-wait for it and make sure not just chop
2:25 turned down sharply at Tide turn, so watching for a 20/110 sell signal OR a continuation buy
2:20 except for a few minutes, have traded between Pluto flux and Moon flux for 4 hours-narrow range-
2:12 going into this trade time, have a 20/110 EXMA buy, now I want to watch the nature of the pullback
1:57 the Moon -T090 flux has held prices up , and the down fractal is ending, so I expect a rally-may not be much
1:49 that last high was the 6 high in my sketch, so this is the move 7 down-still on green +Tide
1:19 I'm going to take a break until the next Tide turn-be back then
1:13 I do not like to sit in grinders-I'll get out and re-enter rather than sit
1:12 covering for +.5 - do not like this little rally
1:01 this is a "Twentyman Grinder" - steady trend which spends lots of time in the corrections
-wears on your patience
12:55 my sketch shows this is the move 6 of 7 in the fractal
12:45 stop 1058.5 -have to be patinet on this one
12:31 the reason I resold was that a Chaos Clamshell sketch showed the peak at 1059 was move 4
and move 5 down was startinf
12:26 stop 1059-still on the green +Tide
12:17 resold 1057 stop 1060
12:11 turning down again after passing sun
11:36 aborting 1058 - back to 110 EXMA and it has gone flat
11:29 right here I'm watching the 110 EXMA-slope matches green +Tide and acting like a tongue depressor
11:24 slow start-be patient
11:16 stop 1059, above 110 EXMA-if good move will not be hit
11:14 sold 1057 stop 1060
11:13 do have a continuation sell setup here-waiting for some motion on the 110 EXMA
11:10 so far prety flat-stuck in flux congestion Venus 1057,Jup/Mars/Pluto 1059-60 as per hotline email
10:54 in the 1950's, John Nelson at RCA predicted electromagnetic storms and solar flares using planetary
geometry. He found that Mercury foming 0,90,180, and 270 degree angles to major planets was one source.
On the Aux page I show the X28 flare from Tuesday overlayed with the heliocentric planetary positions. Mercury squared Jupiter
and Uranus. The flare shot along the Jupiter/Uranus line. Prices are now on the Jupiter flux.
This is no accident. This is Market Astrophysics at work.
10:46 second trade time is near 11:00-I want to see the 110 EXMA moving-not flat
10:36 now the 110 EXMA is flattening out-so market may congest-last Friday it did for 8 hours!
10:14 that move was stopped by the -T090 Moon electric field flux line at 1056
bouncing off that Moon line says we are probably up until 11:00, whne Xchg passes Moon
10:02 of course there may be more money in this move-but our targets put some in
OUR bank account-statistically they work over time
10:00 covered 1056.5 for +4, the normal target on an out of band trade
9:58 I published a writeup on the Chaos Clamshell-check the Share-A-Chart for another CC
9:52 stop 1060.5 -sharp break as come to Chiron time line
9:46 still OK - looks likeon red -Tide
9:35 so far so good-stop 1062-press the stop on out of band trades
9:30 sold 1060.5 stop 1063.5 as oob sell
9:22 an out of band condition is setup, so an out of band sell is probable
9:05 early market ran up to Chiron/Saturn flux and stalled
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

11/7/2003 02:15:31 PM Mountain wlj:: just hit your 1050 on my screen
11/7/2003 02:09:41 PM Mountain Al:: you are welocome-it is fascinating
11/7/2003 02:07:13 PM Mountain wlj:: al, thank you for your work.
11/7/2003 02:05:55 PM Mountain bkw:: They are selling like mad after the close-I luv it!
11/7/2003 01:59:36 PM Mountain wlj:: pat pretty neat, and lows on moon 90 deg apart
11/7/2003 01:58:58 PM Mountain Al:: you all have a great weekend, and thank you for supporting my work with your subscription
11/7/2003 01:58:11 PM Mountain bkw:: out and ditto-how sweet that was.
11/7/2003 01:56:14 PM Mountain Al:: OK, taking +5
11/7/2003 01:54:17 PM Mountain mm:: the next S is 49.65
11/7/2003 01:53:39 PM Mountain Al:: notice the nice 6 hour repeat pattern 8:30==14:30
11/7/2003 01:53:07 PM Mountain wlj:: your right about prechter, everybody has a bad decade or two once in a while.
11/7/2003 01:49:18 PM Mountain bkw:: you are right-BIG shoes are a must-maybe Harry will loan us his hat!
11/7/2003 01:45:09 PM Mountain bkw:: From the "every dog has his day department-On Oct.27 in his Theorist letter-Prechter said " This rally then should end no later than Nov. 7th and no higher than 10,116 intraday ideally a few percentage points below the maximum amount."
11/7/2003 01:45:03 PM Mountain wlj:: do forget the big shoes.
11/7/2003 01:42:30 PM Mountain Al:: my cover point is 1050
11/7/2003 01:39:37 PM Mountain bkw:: stop 1055.25
11/7/2003 01:39:11 PM Mountain Al:: stop 1056
11/7/2003 01:34:40 PM Mountain dst:: we'll have to convert the propeller hat to a clown hat
11/7/2003 01:34:08 PM Mountain Al:: coming to end of an ellipse around the congestion
11/7/2003 01:32:51 PM Mountain Al:: sounds good to me
11/7/2003 01:32:00 PM Mountain bkw:: I think in honor of this crazy market we should all wear clown suits and false nos3es!
11/7/2003 01:30:24 PM Mountain Al::
Crazy Harry has a twitch
As his train heads for a ditch
11/7/2003 01:25:31 PM Mountain wlj:: bkw, we have a luner eclipse and uranus going direct this week end, maybe that will turn the boat around ?
11/7/2003 01:23:06 PM Mountain Al:: I'm with you
11/7/2003 01:16:10 PM Mountain bkw:: sold 1056.25 stop 59.25
11/7/2003 12:55:33 PM Mountain bkw:: I've parked a buy stop at 1060 in case we go manic like yesterday
11/7/2003 12:42:57 PM Mountain wlj:: poss all day up side down you know what
11/7/2003 12:37:19 PM Mountain bkw:: took my 2 points back and ran!
11/7/2003 12:18:22 PM Mountain wlj:: at pluto time and price
11/7/2003 11:52:28 AM Mountain bkw:: WLJ-GE-AMAT-IBM-Softy-csco-down and weak plus housing heavy-RYL down 7 bucks-it's defying gravity.
11/7/2003 11:45:26 AM Mountain wlj:: bkw, daily charts of indexs,,, vol ind starting to show some weakness,,,,,,but bell cow merrill lynch chugs higher,,,nyse new daily hi's 350-400,,,,market has some upside mo. it will brake down at some point, perhaps a news event.
11/7/2003 11:43:28 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 1057.50 60.50
11/7/2003 11:29:59 AM Mountain bkw:: 4 lower lows from the peak plus today cyclically is a downer-they are defying gravity here.
11/7/2003 11:17:57 AM Mountain Al:: think I'll join you dst
nice pivot, mm
11/7/2003 10:46:36 AM Mountain mm:: 1054.25 is the Pivot
11/7/2003 10:02:45 AM Mountain dst:: may go take a 2 hour nap and come back for the next CIT - last Fri this middle part wore me out before the show started again
11/7/2003 09:36:53 AM Mountain bkw:: out minus a 1/2 point.
11/7/2003 08:28:02 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 1057 stop 1060
11/7/2003 08:20:04 AM Mountain Al:: thanks dst-saw that moon flux and it erased any idea of holding for more - rules work over time
11/7/2003 08:15:22 AM Mountain wlj:: price hit moon/uranus as moon was 300deg 5/6s uranus
11/7/2003 08:07:13 AM Mountain dst:: nice exit Al
11/7/2003 07:52:08 AM Mountain wlj:: a.m. hi gave us a dbl top with the 3rd
11/7/2003 07:42:31 AM Mountain bkw:: the number was totally phony-John Challenger said 2 days ago layoffs were 200K and the employment number is higher???
11/7/2003 07:37:02 AM Mountain wlj:: thank you
11/7/2003 07:29:37 AM Mountain bkw:: it is out already-inventories are at 10 est.
11/7/2003 07:27:58 AM Mountain wlj:: anyone know what time the employment report comes out

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