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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 11/08/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:45 I'm done for the day-thanks for coming-see you next week__________________________
3:29 good MoonTide rally, thanks to Chiron and the Moon, and support by Mercury _______
3:22 probably get a short covering rally now-too late to trade it_______________________
3:20 time to cover-back to 110 and not moving , -.75 ___________________________________
3:08 now coming to Moon/Chiron -it makes 884 area hot ___________________________________
2:52 sold 892 stop 895 __________________________________________________________________
2:43 chaos is the study of balance-chaos follows the breaking of balance__________________
2:36 little high on green tide - __________________________________________________________
2:16 looks like going back to green Tide-raise sell stop to 892 ___________________________
2:04 testing the lows-put a sell stop 890__________________________________________________
1:58 looking weak- that 20/110 is a "hook and go" signal-right now looks like red tide but_
1:30 back up to the Node line-working on a rally -got 20/110 buy_-see sp2day chart_________
1:13 not working -covered 896 - trend going flat ____________________________________
12:46 Sold 894 on continuation sell -stop 897________________________________________
12:31 this is that mid day chop I warned about-if you trade here be quick______________
12:24 I'm out ___________________________________________________________________________
12:03 not an official hotline trade-I bought 894.75 based on proble return to 110 EXMA---
11:44 out +2-Ok for being late-now wait until 2:30 Tide turn - middle of day is choppy_
11:37 double bottom on Sun/Jup et all -so now expect congestion __________________________
11:33 lower stop to 895 -this could be a very nasty drop__________________________________
11:22 I was late getting in on that one-may not work but stop is break even_______________
11:12 this is a fast break-I will lower the stop to 897-last minor rally high and hang on_
11:05 this could be an early 20/110 continuation sell-lots of curl 110 EXMA-sell 897 stop 900_
10:47 Congestions like this can be expensive-prices jump,you react,they die,you loose_____
10:39 Now 110 EXMA is going flat again, confirming trading range day-will see mixed tides_
10:34 Out 902.50 for +4 -get in, get the money, get out-day trade like a cheetah______
10:30 now lowering stop to 907-so far so good-control the losses and keep them small__
10:25 now we have moved clearly below the 20 EXMA, so I can use it to set stop at 908___
10:23 if you look carefully at the light blue 110 EXMA, it is curling DOWN, not up_______
10:18 sold 906.50 stop 909.50 cover 902.50-son we will lower stop to above the 20 EXMA____
10:09 we have an out of band settup here, so sell 906.50, below the 20 EXMA-go for 4 points
that was a "resonant streak" at 10:00-popped prices up to 909 Sun et al cluster,out of band
9:59 So far looks like green +Tide -possible out of band sell setting up_____________________
9:47 now the bulls will try again-Mars has been support early this month, but not yesterday__
9:42 The rally died quickly, the 110 EXMA is flat, and prices are back to the Moon flux=FLAT_____
9:35 notice the sharp turn as Xchg passed the Moon/Chiron-Tides say this rally will top after 10:00
9:30 Opening on Moon/Chiron-today is forecast to be a trading range day most of the day___________
9:20 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

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