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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 11/09/2001

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These are the comments made during the live session

3:45 I'm done-thanks for coming, see you next week-_______________________________________________
3:31 stick around drop still possible, 4:00 is 6 hours from 10:00, so may pick up resonant energy_
3:22 as I forecast, all the energy was in the first 2 hours -there is some after close_________
3:22 This is what Jim Twentyman calls "a grinder"- ____________________________________________
3:10 When market gets "stuck on flux", XTide at bottom of screen gives minor turns_____________
3:05 stopped out, prices are "stuck on the flux" -probably hold up to close-sell 1118 stop in case not_
2:54 sold 1120.5 stop 1122-took all the shift out of the red -Tide____________________________
2:42 tested Moon Flux-cannot break above it for trade to work-real battle going on here_______
2:20 lower stop now to 1122, the quantum above the Moon flux___________________________________
2:12 sold 1120.5-put stop at 1125 = Sun level, which did get a Goodbye Kiss____________________
1:52 Look at the rally-now in its 7th move off the low-triangle form of Chaos Clamshell_________
1:44 now put just the Mooon flux lines on-move sell stop down to 1120.5 _________________________
1:18 I turned off all the astro struff-shifting red -Tide to fit,looking for pattern__sell 1121 X_
1:12 stopped out-any entry during a congestion is high risk.I chose a wide stop,and had to pay it_
1:04 stop tested but not hit-add a sell stop 1120-looks like Moon is peaking it________________
12:40 sold 1117 stop 1123-starting to "roll right" as 3 hour floating stick left end goes up____
12:27 sold 1117-put stop at 1123-need wider stop during congestions______________________________
12:21 Both congestions and trends are 3-4 hours long. Learn to stay out of congestions,in trends_
12:09 We are in a congestion, and have a converging triangle, half of a diamond pattern-__________
12:01 I'm back-market still vibrating about the Jupiter electric Field flux line-sell 1117 stop___
11:00 Uranus/Sun is hot, shown by spike high on flux lines-I'm taking a break until noon__________
10:50 The green +Tide show a high near 12:00, which is probably the next trade opportunity _________
10:40 That bit of excitement was from a Moon/earth cycle at 10:45, a given time____________________
10:34 Inverted to the Green +Tide -This may be the Good By Kiss to the Sun's 1125 price__
10:30 The big drop started yesterday as Xchg passed Sat/Plu, and stopped on Sat/Plu flux_
10:17 Got stopped at 1116 for 0 - happens- Now market is balancing at 1116+/- a bit_
10:05 Sold 1116 lower stop 1116, cover 1110__-on red -MoonTide____________________
10:00 sold 1116, at 1113 lower buy stop to 1116, and cover 1110___________________
9:57 sold 1116-lower buy stop to 1119_____________________________________________
9:54 Back to 1119-so it is still the quantum-now place orders to buy 11125 stop, sell 1116 stop
9:47 OK, 1119 is still the quantum, but 1122 is next one, so quantum not yet clear,so hold the orders_
9:32 Opening on Jupiter electric flux-1119 is a quantum, 1ADay is to buy 1125 stop sell 1116 stop____
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic________________________________________________________________
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