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Here are Al's comments
3:18 thank you for coming-I am done for the day-see you next week-look over the special
3:15 out +3 -ok on a late entry -now oob buy is set up-I will pass on another trade today
3:08 stop 1049-my cover point is 1047
3:07 looks like Chiron/Moon time high to Chiron/Moon price lows
3:04 stop 1050.5-down here may mean red +Tide took over
2:56 stop 1051 , and buy stop 1051.5 -support on +T090 moon flux
2:55 stop 1052-I am mindfull that the green Tide can still be in effect
2:53 stop 1053-the rally could nto break abouve the 20 EXMa -indicating hard down
2:51 cont sell 1052 stop 1055
2:46 range now 12 points=60 degress, so may be done going down-entry stop is in
2:44 prices staying under the 20 EXMA-stalled at yellow grid crossing
2:37 perfect fireball-says drop is done-buy 1054.5 stop
2:36 on an oob trade, I use the break of the 20 EXMA as a signal -it is about 1054=Node
2:32 this is close to an out of band condition, so 2:30 trade is set up as oob buy
2:28 Node support broke on move 7 down -move range is 6 points
2:24 now we have a double top from a week ago( resistance), and an intraday
double bottom (support?). Which is stronger? in theory, the faster one-the intraday
2:21 support came in on the Sun flux -now watch to see if it holds
If it does, all the "buy a failed test of the lows" guys will jump in
2:16 so far, perfect fireball
2:13 the critical point here is if the Node low holds
2:09 coming into the green +Tide low-count the small moves from the high-will get 7-now in 5
2:03 if you quantize prices to 1.5 increments, the rally was 3 and the pullback 2-the musical perfect fifth
1:53 also note that since the low, prices are forming an arc, top part of a fireball below prices
after the fireball is over, prices will likely rally
1:48 note something subtle-starting at 9:00-1 hr up, 1 down, then 2up,2? down-period doubling, precursor to chaos
1:44 note how the Moon flux is Moon Gumbo? really stuck to it
1:39 the pressure for the day is up-favoring a late rally-today's high was a double top
with last week-if the bulls can make a new high a short queeze will be on
1:30 ignoring the early Moon blip, prices are following the pattern of the green +Tide
1:25 If a trade does not move well, I'm out sooner rather than later
-keeping losses small is critical. Losses are the ONLY thing you control
1:17 aborting -.75 -failed to follow through
1:10 stop 1057 -low volatility lets you press hard
1:04 bought 1058.25 stop 1055.25
12:57 20 EXMA did not cross 110 , so possible cont buy settingup here-need follow through
12:52 still stuck on Mercury/Moon -minor low on Mercury time and Mercury price
12:45 broke 110 EXMA-no cont buy, so flat or down
12:38 110 EXMA support is holding, may get a continuation buy
12:36 nothing yet - in chat room I posted how I traded a Tide turn in the DAX
12:23 this next Tide turn is spead out-may not get a good trade from it-have a possible buy setup
12:05 passing Moon and Node gave more lift-slowly the bulls are gaining
12:00 stuck on the yellow Moon flux-probably for at least another hour
11:45 the position of Moon and Sun are setting a 1 hour pattern-1 up, 1 down
11:40 rally has now broken above the -T000 Moon flux and 110 EXMA curling up a bit
11:35 also take a look at our new DAX chart-notice that it had two Moon streaks and good volatility
11:26 while it is dull, take a look at the Tide 32 chart-helpful for quick trades-nature
of Tide32 changes after 1:00 Eastern as Xchg passes Sun and Node
11:19 note how this rally off the lows has turned the 110 EXMA flat-means not going down for now
11:10 Node price held so probably low of day-Merc/Moon congestion attractor
10:57 now eased down to Node and Sun price level-very hot today, now support
10:31 that volatility burst was due to Chiron and the Moon-now it will get dull and
traders will wonder what happened
10:19 there was an out of band sell on that high-now near lower band -expect rally
10:10 everyone has complained about the lack of volatility-now it is here but tricky to trade
10:07 rally quickly reversed- now that +3 looks very good-
10:00 low was Moon/Mercury email 1057. 1062 is midway to Moon +T180 flux at 1066.5
9:53 pushing the top of the band-that last spike would have made +5-oh well
9:50 out +3 -a good gain for the past two weeks
9:47 stop 1062-cover is 1064 at +5
9:45 stop 1060.25
9:41 stop 1059-can press stop hard on a streak move
9:39 good chance of a steak move with Xchg squaring Moon near 10:00
9:36 bought 1059 stop 1056
9:34 this is a continuation buy setup, if get curl on 110 EXMA
9:32 volatility has been very low =here the 20 and the 110 EXMA's are vert close
9:18 pre outcry opening-flat on -T000 Moon electric field flux line, holding under yday high
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

11/14/2003 01:55:29 PM Mountain bkw:: There is an air pocket at 960 with zero under it to the old lows.
11/14/2003 01:53:28 PM Mountain wlj:: i could see hiting 1000 with the 995 gap open,,,900 a pretty goog drop.
11/14/2003 01:49:16 PM Mountain bkw:: WLJ-they were a buck each and the market doesn't have to go 900 for them to be profitable although i think it has a good chance of going that low.
11/14/2003 01:45:10 PM Mountain wlj:: now if you were a real you would buy 900 of the dec 50 puts
11/14/2003 01:37:16 PM Mountain bkw:: Thanks -I am very Bearish i just bought a lottery ticket 50 Dec.900 puts-we'll see.
11/14/2003 01:33:22 PM Mountain wlj:: bkw, you had some good trades today.
11/14/2003 01:32:37 PM Mountain bkw:: stopped plus 7.5 wowza
11/14/2003 01:19:39 PM Mountain wlj:: wise guys with spy's covered at:54 after the hour. over 2 million shares on 1 min bar
11/14/2003 01:10:29 PM Mountain bkw:: stop 1050
11/14/2003 01:09:14 PM Mountain bkw:: stop 1051
11/14/2003 01:01:13 PM Mountain wlj:: from a.m. low looks like 2hr up and 2 hrs down,,,unless trap door opens.
11/14/2003 12:59:51 PM Mountain Al:: another good trade, bkw
11/14/2003 12:58:39 PM Mountain bkw:: WLJ- 3rd wave down
11/14/2003 12:55:59 PM Mountain bkw:: stop 1052
11/14/2003 12:54:07 PM Mountain wlj:: sp a rude dude , did not eve go up and kiss hot sun/node good bye
11/14/2003 12:53:57 PM Mountain bkw:: stop 1054
11/14/2003 12:52:57 PM Mountain wlj:: emails below not hit,,,,1049.50-1047
11/14/2003 12:41:11 PM Mountain bkw:: Yep- 1055 stop!
11/14/2003 12:16:43 PM Mountain Al:: bkw: be alert for that Node support
11/14/2003 11:19:30 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 1057.50 stop 60.50
11/14/2003 10:33:24 AM Mountain Al::
Meanhile, here's what I did over in the DAX
11/14/2003 10:18:26 AM Mountain Al:: out 3817,+17
11/14/2003 10:10:35 AM Mountain Al:: stop 3812
11/14/2003 10:04:48 AM Mountain Al:: cancel sell 3816 OB, move stop to 3807
11/14/2003 09:53:16 AM Mountain Al:: sell 3816 OB, stop 3803
11/14/2003 09:34:51 AM Mountain Al:: bought 3800 stop 3792
11/14/2003 10:16:28 AM Mountain Al:: dst: it was just that the Tide turn is pretty flat, so I took the nearest Tide32 time and decided early was better than late -midday like this it may be a pass anyway
11/14/2003 10:09:11 AM Mountain dst:: AL - did you call the email 12:30 turn primarily cause of the harmonic grid Xs?
11/14/2003 09:41:05 AM Mountain bkw:: out minus 1.5
11/14/2003 08:54:20 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 1055.50 stop 58.50
11/14/2003 08:25:49 AM Mountain Al:: even better exit!
11/14/2003 08:25:00 AM Mountain dst:: been a while since we've seen a band to band like that
11/14/2003 08:24:02 AM Mountain bkw:: tnks Al out plus 6 and a bit.
11/14/2003 08:22:01 AM Mountain Al:: good short bkw
11/14/2003 08:17:49 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 1058
11/14/2003 08:17:13 AM Mountain wlj:: bkw, stop jumping up and down
11/14/2003 08:15:12 AM Mountain dst:: propitious exit AL - same for short bkw!!!
11/14/2003 08:13:24 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 1060
11/14/2003 08:06:50 AM Mountain bkw:: stop 1062.50
11/14/2003 08:05:27 AM Mountain wlj:: dbl top with 7 days ago
11/14/2003 08:00:02 AM Mountain wlj:: vert moon 270,,1062 270 price
11/14/2003 07:56:22 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 1062.50 stop 65.50
11/14/2003 07:50:05 AM Mountain wlj:: the shoes must be getting a little tight for the shorts.
11/14/2003 07:11:23 AM Mountain wlj:: f.w.i.w.,,,,,specialist short interest ratio under 35% for last 6-7 weeks. last week ultra low 27.6%, lowest number in a couple years. public short ratio keeps going up..... it takes some time to reverse the public to specialist ratio.... side ways the rest of the year ? bradley turns, 11-23-low, 12-03-hi ?

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