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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 11/15/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:11 Our recommended trades are doing about 198%/year on the EMini so far this year-sign up!__
3:11 getting final push-too late to trade-I'm done for the day -See you next week____________
3:04 that was Moon-Noon-Moon pattern-curl down in 110 EXMA says rally topping________________
2:59 stopped 905.75 on that Moon Chiron dip- +3.25 -OK; Energy may have peaked_______________
2:44 this little congestion is move 6 of 7 in an up Chaos clamshell-raise stop to 905.75 2:26 moving stop to 904 -resistance at Neptune flux_________________________________________
2:28, that last pullback lets me move stop to 903___________________________________________
2:24 now I'm in until a)stopped, b)912.5 (first entry +12), or 3:50 (Tide turn)_____________
2:20 someone ran over and told them to buy-gain fast move,stop 901__________________________
2:11 Nasdaq2Day chart pretty clear-up__;someone forgot to tell the S&P pit__________________
2:02 rebuy 902.50, stop 899.50 on continuation buy____________________________________________
2:01 stopped for +.5 -I probably pressed it too hard, but that's past-at next Tide time amyway_
1:54 notice how the 110 EXMA and the bands have lined up on the white harmonic grid lines__
1:49 getting a fast move, so I will moves top to low of each pullback, now 901_______________
1:38 hex pattern recognized just picked up a Hex pattern-possible 12 point rally _____________
1:22 elected long-stop goes 897.50 _remember all trades may be losses, so control them________
1:16 higher low-so rally is starting 20/110 again giving by signal-put buy stop 900.5________
1:15 back to 1Day screen_____________________________________________________________________
1:12 it may recross again-when the 20/110 "vines" prices are FLAt and there is no trade______
1:08 20/110 recrossed in "Hook and go" pattern-bearish________________________________________
1:06 stopped on my noon play for 0-good-it was distracting___________________________________
1:04 When market is flat, XTide at bottom of screen often shows hinor highs and lows-________
12:57 switched to my 2 day chart-moving stop to 897-waiting for win2day setup_________________
12:41 coming into the 1:00 Tide turn Win2Day time-may come early, so I'm ready to buy a rally_
12:36 just a little pop and pullback-now see if it attracts a following____________________
12:27 OK, move stop to 895.50, under Node flux line-getting 20/110 crossing buy now_________
12:20 that was just based on a Moon-noon-Moon pattern, common on "two moon" days ___________
12:18 Node still holding lows-not a Win2Day setup, but bought 897 stop 894__________________
12:08 low at noon-now watch to see if keep following green +Tide_______________ _____________
11:52 on last night's email I missed typing in this 12:00 Tide time-mostly interested in later times_
11:34 starting to get a little lift-Moon's Node has been support at 896-come to it at 1:07_
11:21 cancel that sell stop-not going anywhere until after pass Solar Noon________________
11:11 time to wake up-trying to break lower-put sell stop 895______________________________
11:00 that rule comes from Robert Watson, friend of Jim Twentyman _________________________
10:55 no trade so far-may not get one-this is where you "Don't make up shit."______________
10:48 the SP2Day and NQ2Day charts look like approximately following green +Tide___________
10:44 coming to Tide turn-not out of band, and 110 EXMA pretty flat-so wait_________________
10:40 now seeing a possilbe 20/110 continuation sell-watch for 110 EXMA curl________________
10:33 we use two types of entry-out of band and 20/110 cross/separation.Here we are seeing neither_
10:27 the hardest thing in trading is NOT trading unless you have a good setup_________________
10:20 may be getting a switch to rhe red -Tide;this is a congestion day, so expect mixed Tides_
10:05 901.50 is set by Moon/Chiron-prices are vibrating about it +/- 4.5 to 6 points___________
9:57 the green +Tide says this rally could top near 10:45, so will look for a trade setup then_
9:52 vertical streak on the Mars Timeline-right back up to the Venus electric field flux price_
9:39 low as per green +MoonTide-will tend to return to 900 balance level___________________________
9:34 like yesterday,a good move before the outcry open-support should come in near 892-Sun/Mer/Ura_
9:20 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

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