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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 11/16/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

4:05 Thank you for coming-see you next week _________________________________________________
4:04 there was the afternoon Pluto/Saturn rally I was looking for-I missed the trade_________
3:34 popped up to the -Moon 180/Jupiter flux pair, which cross here__________________________
3:20 note how Pluto/Saturn set the range of the past two days-seem to be on green +Tide______
3:10 stopped for +1 on this pop up-sell 1133 stop ____________________________________________
3:00 flattening out-last hour is either flat, close 1131, of chaotic drop_close as low as 1119_
2:40 Still in down trend-shifted green tide left to match last high-sold 1136 stop 1135_______
2:15 I now have my screen at its normal scale-late drop could reach 1116. 1125 is probable_____
2:00 there is the 1131 set by Moon/Sat/Plu-may get some support-sold 1136 move stop to 1135___
1:51 notice the overlapping Merc/Mars electric field flux 1143/1125?They crossed at 12:08_____
1:45 I have now shifted the green +Tide left 34 minutes-good fit-shows late drop_____________
1:37 You are seeing the head and right shoulder of H&S pattern, neckline 1137, target 1125___
1:26 Dropping as Exchange passing Sat/Plu/Moon - hold short _________________________________
1:18 sold 1136 stop 1141 -hotline subscribers: check your email for a special chart__________
1:12 Still stuck on -M180 Moon electric flux, sweeping down crossing Jupiter-sell 1136 stop_
12:43 Yesterday, the New Moon set the overnight high at 1152, & formed a fireball at noon_
12:36 Prices have decided to follow the down going -M180 flux, bearish for next week__________
12:28 sell 1136 stop 1141 ___________________________________________________________________
12:27 The energy is down, not up so we got stopped out _110/20 system is down, gave a resell_
12:07 bought 1138.50 -put sell stop at 1135.50 -at 12:29 should get large dose of up energy_
12:03 lower the buy stop to buy 1138.50 _______________________________________________
11:59 We now have a two day triple low at 1137,the Jupiter flux line and last week's high___
11:50 that lows stopped out my early buy, now buy 1140 stop__________________________________
11:35 when market is flat, XTide at bottom helps, says coming into low _______________________
11:20 Still flat-vibrating between 6th and 8th harmonics-Chaos follows dullness________________
10:54 This choppy congestion is from the Nep/Ven/Mer/Mar cluster______________________________
10:46 The Moon/Sat/Pluto energy is at 1:220,1149+/- multiples of 18 points____________________
10:40 getting low on the green +MoonTide-bought 1144,stop 1137-energy is after noon___________
10:31 Pulled back into congestion-can either cover or use wide stop-I'll just hold____________
10:03 There is a break above the 110 EXMA and the 20 is crossing it, so buy 1 1144, stop 1137__
9:52 I shifted the red -Tide left to fit the recent action-trapped in congestion right now _______
9:45 our trading plan today is to buy the dips when the 110 EXMA is rising now -it is flat_________
9:40 Early weakness could be the red -Tide shifted right a bit____________________________________
9:32 Opening flat-no early energy-so action may be after noon-____________________________________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic______Moon,Saturn,Pluto hot today__________________________
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