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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 11/22/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

2:25 that's 3 trades on a choppy day-I'm done, see you in 2 weeks-Happy Thanksgiving__________
2:32 stopped 934.25 for +1.5 - 936 held __________________________________________________
2:22 raise stop to 934.25 last pullback low_________________________________________________
2:11 if break 936, 945 is also possible-raise stop to 931.75, last low-now use fast rule___
2:04 finally the Moon got us going above Pluto -936 very likely now _______________________
1;59 raise stop 930.75 slow moving but still above 110 EXMA _______________________________
1:50 looking better now but needs to break above Pluto flux________________________________
1:46 so far I'm not impressed -but stop is in, so wait______________________________________
1:37 bought 932.75 stop 929.75 -getting energy from the Moon now ____________________________
1:15 20 EXMA still above 110-watch for it to turn up -buy 932.75 stop ____________________
11:06 getting support on the double white Harmonic Grid line-trade setting up as buy if rally_
12:54 I just sent Email flash to position traders to cover short at 929-stalled_______
12:50 next trade is near the 1:30 Tide turn-may set up as a continuation buy__________
12:46 low came as passed the sun-looks like market could hold up into close___________
12:40 node is hot-may get rally to 936 and the Moon____________________________________
12:33 How can a billion dollar an hour market stop dead at 930-ask the Sun_____________
12:37 congestions require much wider stops than trends-this one needs 9 pt stop,too big for me_
12:19 stopped out-OK-I didn't like it anyway-still in congestion zone _be patient____________
12:07 I have put my 10 Day Moontide chart on the AUX screen-it shows -10DayTide-possible dump_
11:58 sold 928-stop 931-not a forecast trade, just a judgement call from reading the charts____
11:53 getting some "rolling over" action-trend modestly down-look at SP9day chart-toppy________
11:40 So how long will this congestion last? Check out my method on the AUX page________________
11:25 rally stopped on Pluto flux - back to Sun- put sell stop 928 -congestion will end sometime_
11:17 in a choppy market,we get mixed Tides,and many 20/110 crossings-so be careful and bail fast_
11:08 trade is stuck in the congestion-coming back to 110-cover 931___________________________
11:03 lots of little vertical jerks today due to Moon position ________________________________
10:55 sold 929-stop 932 on trade #2 -a continuation sell on 20/110______________________________
10:49 coming into the 10:55 turn-my stop is set up for a continuation sell if it comes (red tide)_
10:42 looks like prices are stuck on the Mercury electric field flux line _____________________
10:36 this 2 day chart shows how hard it has been for the market to break 936-key level_________
10:33 looking like a "hook and go" on the 20/110 - sell 929 stop_____________________________________
10:29 that rally was just enough to close the overnight gap and made a lower high on 2 day chart_
10:21 covered 933 for -.5 ; curl on the 110 reversed, so not going up, at best going flat_____
10:03 buy 933.50 stop 930.50 ___________________________________________________________________
9:59 rally fading-stopped by Pluto electric field flux line -very choppy so far__________________
9:55 getting a 20/110 crossing -may pop up to 936-wait for curl on 110- 9:51 that rally was stopped by the Moon's Node, another part of the separating eclipse__________
9:37 first Tide time is 9:50 -no clear setup yet-trading near 110 EXMA -watch for continuation sell_
9:32 opening square the Sun-and this week's lunar eclipse at 912________________________________
9:20 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

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