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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 11/30/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:42 Thanks for coming-I'm done for the day-see you next week_____________________________
3:35 rally fizzled out -cover 1141.50-Uranus set the high-looks like distribution top______
2:52 you are watching Market AstroPhysics in Action-Lunar Combust at 1147.5 is attractor___
2:42 bought 1142 raise sell stop 1139 cover 1147__-remember Full Moon at close______________
2:32 have congested for 6 hours, 1/4th of day-not uncommon-learn to recognize and stay out_
2:20 we have a buy stop at 1142 and a sell stop at 1137-just in case we get a chaotic move_____
2:12 this rally looks like a distribution effort by the big guys who know a decline is here_
2:03 red -Tide is the one working-Lunar Combust was a strange attractor,now turned repellor____
2:00 note that the rally from yesterday went 18 points and died-this is a counter trend rally__
1:50 back to my busy screen that shows too much-the lid on the rallies is coming from Neptune--
1:38 got support from -M000 moon flux-can still get rally up to 1147-buy stop is in if get it___
1:30 I turned on the red -Tide.Blue 110 EXMA says trend now down-got lift into Combust-now gone_
1:22 Place a buy stop at 1142-this could be the dip in the MoonTide-and put a sell stop at 1137______
1:20 stopped out for no gain-market back into congestive account failure-stay out______________
1:04 Look carefully now-have an M pattern from this morning's low-bullish-hold-bot 1140x1140___
12:55 stop held-pretty lethargic rally-just hold_______________________________________________
12:40 pulling back from resistance at 1143-needs to chew through it to really move_____________
12:12 bought 1140 raise stop 1140 cover 1147.50-be patient-planets move slowly_________________
12:01 As the Exchange passes the Lunar Combust,volatility should pick up_______________________
11:50 Just before the close today, at 3:49, Full moon is exact,setting price 1148______________
11:40 getting more energy as Xchg comes around to the Lunar Combust-trend still up_____________
11:32 I dropped the -Tide for now-still long 1140 stop 1138 cover 1147.5-be patient_____________
11:24 now getting some lift, so aspect may have done it-CANCEL 1ADAY TRADE-low came early-in now_
11:22 Nothing on the aspect-still long 1140,stop 1138-shifted green +Tide left 42 minutes-fits_
11:13 using cleaner chart-still stuck on -M000 moon flux -coming to 11:19 aspect______________
11:02 1143 harmonic price repelled back into congestion - trade not moving -hold to 11:19_____
10:46 bought 1140,stop 1138,cover 1147.5-looking OK, leaning higher now________________________
10:40 At 11:19, Mercury is 180 to Moon, then Xchg passes at 11:52-may end congestion___________
10:36 Neptune flux stopped move-so still congesting 1138.5+/-4-stuck 0n -M000 Moon flux_________
10:26 red -Tide won-sell 1147.5 or better-bought 1140-move stop to 1138__________________________
10:20 Be sure to read the page on Lunar Combust-still stuck in congestion-+/-Tides fighting____
10:15 bought 1140-move sell stop up to 1137-always keep a tight stop-control your losses______
10:12 now getting some uplift from red -MoonTide-rally here should get a following____________
10:02 sell 1135 stop as well.1138.5 is balance level-go with move away from it________________
10:00 That little drop came from Xchg squaring Neptune-note same thing yesterday;buy 1140 stop_
9:58 trend just broken-looks like green +Tide is in effect-cancel buy stop-may go flat here_
9:48 stopped out-I was too aggressive-put buy stop at 1141-blue 110 EXMA says trend is up___
9:40 dipped down to support on -M000 Moon flux line, back up to Neptune-buy 1140 stop 1138__
9:32 starting on Neptune electric field flux line-night session was total flatline-unusual_______
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic_____________________________________________________________
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