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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 12/06/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:39 stopped +1 . I'm done for the day-see you next week______________________________________
3:34 stop 909.50-just above the grid crossing______________________________________________
3:25 stop 910.50__________________________________________________________________________
3:20 back to 909 -move 4 of probable 7 down__-green tide shows late drop___________________
3:00 I sold 910.50 stop 913.50 ____________________________________________________________
2:50 rallied to the Moon time and eclipse price-now done___________________________________
2:47 aborting trade at 912.50 for +2 _back to 110 and no energy on last rally_______________
2:44 no movement yet-he must be very thirsty_________________________________________________
2:34 Crazy Harry had his swig, now he's ready to move the rig________________________________
2:31 stop still OK-continuation buy setup unless 20 EXMA crosses 110_________________________
2:20 Crazy Harry dipped there to pick up some moonshine-he likes it straight_________________
2:12 the red -Tide says the close is probably the high of the day_____________________________
2:08 this is the price of the solar eclipse, but Moon is now 6 points higher than at eclipse_
2:01 that pullback found support on the 20 EXMA-rally is strong;raise stop to 913-cover 922.5_
1:55 raising stop to 912-note how the Moon is getting the natives all worked up______________
1:49 astro wise Moon 921 is probable_________________________________________________________
1:46 possible fast move setting up-staying above yellow 20 EXMA--use fast move rule-stop 909_
1:43 bought 910.50 now raise stop to 908.50 _________________________________________________
1:41 compare the slope of the 110 EXMA light blue line to slope of red -Tide line____________
1:38 we had green tide in morning-think we inverted to red Tide at 12:50 Mer/Sat time line __
1:32 we have a thrust-congest-thrust pattern set up - a very common day pattern_____________
1:28 I like the bound off the 110 EXMA -trade is OK if stays above it______________________
1:20 that entry was too early by the rules-a bit of eagerness on my part_-we will see what happens________________
1:17 bought 110.50 stop 107.50 _________________________________________________________
1:14 Buy 910.50 stop -that will catch an upturn__________________________________________
1:05 coming into second trade time-possible continuation buy setting up___________________
1:00 The green +Tide shows a sharp rally here -909 now a base_______________________________
12:57 sharp dip as passed Satun/Mercury -they set price at 917_______________________________
12:39 now grinding upward in channel formed by white S&P Harmonic Grid lines_________________
12:36 girl called Crazy Harry back-he is the conductor of the S&P train-___________________
12:31 breaking overhead resitance-915 likely______________________________________________
12:22 still at about 909 been here 2 hours-Crazy Harry must have a girl at 909_____________
12:06 back to one day chart-using 1 minute bars- I can read them better than 3 minute______
11:47 nope-Uranus Moon flux turned it back-and back below the Jupiter flux-rally weakening_
11:42 energy came from Moon Node-possible rally now to 914_________________________________
11:16 stopped out-broke Jupiter resistance__________________________________________________
11:28 Gann's Rule of 4 says failure to break resistance on 4th try leads to a panic_________
11:25 4th try at Jupiter flux was repelled-so it is strong resistance_______________________
11:19 looks like pre decline distribution 906-909 _________________________________________
11:08 the black line on this chart is a "last 3 hours" linear regression trend indicator_____
11:03 On 2 day chart for some perspective-lower lows,lower highs,trend down ________________
10:53 3 tries to get above Jupiter flux failed - not Win2Day trade, I sold 905 stop 911______
10:45 early in the day,Mars/Venus flux was resistance-now support-110 EXMA says green +Tide_
10:37 note the double green Harmonic Grid line , the supporting trend line for the rally_
10:24 shock-denial-anger-restructure-accept:stages of emotional response to trauma-now at anger_
10:16 now the Exchange is squaring Jupiter& move is over-do you think this is accidental?_____
10:11 rally make a Jupiter to Jupiter 18 point 90 degree move in 40 minutes-arcs and sparks_
10:10 forget that-this rally has a following________________________________________________
10:03 rally continues-watch for it to stall out soon and stick to Moon flux line ____________
9:52 price now between the +M270 and -M270 Moon electric field flux lines-a congestion zone___
9:49 got it for +4 - but now market fading fast-looks like 897 will be balance center__________
9:45 cover point is on +4=900.75 -______________________________________________________________
9:42 first trade came early-I bought on our of band buy at 896.75 stop 893.75 ___________________
9:37 900 is a major balance level. Right now trading range is 900 +/- 7.5 points ________________
9:33 MoonTides forecast a realtively flat market today-may spend it digesting the jobs report____
8:53 Ugly jobs report has dropped market to Uranus electric field flux line ________________________
9:20 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

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