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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 12/07/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

2:52 bad entry-cover 1155.50-I'm done-I feel like death warmed over-screen will run__________
2:45 sold 1153 put stop at 1156________________________________________________________________
2:41 getting second minor higher low_-decline probably done for day__-sell 1153 stop if not___
2:33 What I didn't like was then break above the Jupiter line after 4 tries-_________________
2:31 don't like this-cover 1154.75 for +3.25__________________________________________________
2:22 pulled back up to Jupier/Moon flux to give it a possible Goodby Kiss-_____________________
2:13 still holding-1149 is Sun/Moon/etc-Sun squares Moon 2:53, making that price "hot"_________
2:03 Sold 1158 stop 1157.5 cover 1149 or better=Combust flux bundle-lower stop 1156.5__________
2:00 last move down was 9 points-just got 3-lower stop to 1157.5-sold 1158-_____________________
1:54 sold 1158 stop $+3 now 1159.5-I'm holding out for more gain due to last move down___________
1:52 shift in the Tide probably came from a Moon 270 Plu aspect at 1:44-do not cover on 3 pt gain_
1:47 Sold 1158-I will trail exit stop by 3 points-buy 1161 stop-turn came a bit early____________
1:33 getting close to the time-"going into"-so put sell stop 1160-2=1158________________________
1:30 my email said to trail a stop by 3 points-I will use 2 points due to the low range_________
1:20 Tracking green +Tide since about 10:30-1ADay is to trade counter 20 min EXMA at 1:52________
1:15 I did not fall asleep-the market did-don't like trade- cover 1158___________________________
1:04 switched to a 1 days screen-sold 1157 stop 1161 lower to 1160 _____________________________
12:50 lunch time in New York-this was an up hour in the hourly cycle-down 1:00->2:00____________
12:25 Sell one 1157 stop 1161-__Odds are very high that we will see 1155=Jup/Moon flux__________
12:22 Note: from the top, we have 5 complete moves,& part of a 6th-there are 7 in a Chaos Clamshell_
12:10 So far today we have seen 1 hour swings, turning on the hour-so 1 hr up,1 down next______
12:00 that sharp little drop came as the Exchange rotated past the Combust cluster_____________
11:55 When you are not at your peak,don't trade. And ALWAYS use a stop.It works when you don't._
11:51 that signal is where the yellow 20 EXMA popped above the blue 110, then below it at 1164__
11:50 I have a horrible cold today-my brain is dead-I missed the resell signal of the 20 EXMA___
11:40 stopped out-glad to be rid of that marginal trade-stops are to get you out of bad ones____
11:35 I said the 5 Tide moves indicated a choppy day-it is-bought 1162.75 stop 1160 cover 1164_
11:29 so much for the higher low -stop survived Venus dip by 1 tick-hold for now______________
11:20 that is now a second higher low, making an M pattern-hold trade-bought 1162.75 stop 1160_
11:11 was Venus ever resistance-sharp drop as Exchange rotates to align with Venus_____________
10:56 yesterday Venus flux was late support-this AM it is resistance-bought 1162.75 stop 1160___
10:50 for that buy, I also noted that the low at 1161 was a higher low,confirmed by 20 min EXMA_
10:37 Red tide still looks like it is working- try a buy again -bought 1162.75 -use 1160 stop__
10:32 We had Venus sq Uranus at 9:57-Uranus flux line hot-Venus timeline probably hot at 11:22_
10:30 stopped out for +.25-blue 110 EXMA stopped rally-now market flat and congesting-stay out__
10:20 bought 1161.75-raise stop to 1162_-look closely at yellow 20 minute EXMA-7 moves in down CC_
10:17 The reason I just bought was that red -MoonTide was turning up,confirmed by yellow 20 min EXMA_
10:10 cancel the buy 1164 and just buy 1161.75 with stop at 1159-forecast range very low_________
10:06 sell 1159 stop and buy 1164 stop___________________________________________________________
10:02 trade not moving-cover 1161.75-leave buy stop 1164-__________________________________________
9:50 The little rallies were stopped by the Mars flux line-just hold and be patient-_____________
9:43 sold 1161-buy stop 1164 is now protection-cover 1156-just above Moon flux line______________
9:38 Why on Uranus? 9:57 Venus squares Uranus helio _-add a buy stop 1164_________________________
9:32 opening down a bit as per red -Tide-put sell stop at 1161-$ on Uranus electric field flux line__
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic_____________________________________________________________
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