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Here are Al's comments
4:02 thanks for coming-see you next week
4:01 covered 1072.50
3:47 watch for resonant streak at 4:00 -I wil cover 4:00+
3:41 upside prices Uran 1074 Jup 1078
3:38 Node flux resistance now support
3:30 from 12:20 to now is a cup and handle bullish pattern
3:20 stop 1070.75 - trying to hold to the close
3:16 this morning we had a strong Moon to Node down move, now getting the inverse
3:12 stop 1069
3:09 when you get a good move, the 110 EXMA curls, the 20 EXMA separates from it, and price separates
from the 20 EXMA
3:06 a late rally should attract bulls and squeeze the bears-could be exciting
3:01 getting some-on green +Tide -hold
2:56 Moon time line-looking for some lift
2:44 lows 10:00 and 2:00 shows 4 hour cycle-2 hours up from 2:00
2:38 so far a tough day with no real trend-but coming to Moon time line should change that
2:33 bought 1070.5 stop 1067.5 coming out of 2:30 Tide 32 time
2:28 still testing 1070 and Moon flux support-still looks bullish to me
2:21 aborted -1 ; 110 lots its curl
2:15 stop 1071 -slow decline - be patient
2:01 sold 1069 stop 1072 -taking as early 2:30 trade
1:53 1070 Neptune resistance will weaken as day wears on
1:43 that low came on the +T180 Moon flux-so may hold up into end of day
1:40 aborted -1 - broke 110
1:27 little high passing square to Saturn
1:20 notice the hourly pattern-low on the hour, 20 minute rally, 40 minute decline
1:09 the Node at 1072 was a hot price yesterday-apparently is today, too
12:57 sold 1069.50 stop 1072.50 - 20/110 sell wtith 110 curl
12:52 red -Tide is good, looking for 20/110 sell signal next
12:49 aborted for 0 - 110 turned down
12:35 so far this is a continuation buy setup at Tide turn-hold
12:30 moment of truth time as pass the red Mars vertial time line
12:23 stop 1068.50 - Sun/Pluto price is 1078 - the potential of the move
12:16 stop 1068-want to be careful near 12:30-don't know for sure which Tide is working
they are just forecasts that may not be accurate in the detail-so I use the 110/20 EXMA
12:10 Sometimes it is hard to enter early-here I saw the letter "M" pattern
up from the low-it is a bullish fractal pattern
12:05 early, but took continuation buy 1070 stop 1067
12:00 Neptune flux stopping rallies, and 110 just went flat-wait
11:57 have a 20/110 buy, followed by small continuation buy-bullish
11:51 Sun conjoin Pluto today-Xchg passes at 12:00 - bullish
11:46 the Tides show a strong afternoon trend, so looking for an entry near 12:30
11:41 yesterday we had a perfect 6 hour up fractal from 9:30 to 3:30-today
could go 10:00 to 4:00
11:37 I'm getting power fluctuations, so if we didappear, we lost power
11:25 now the bulls are getting excited-low of day probably in
11:12 looks like stuck on the +T180 flux for a while
11:10 I was not anxious to take a trade there, so when it had no follow through, I aborted
11:07 aborting for 0-I just do not like it
11:04 stop 1069-it must drop here to be a good trade
11:00 stop 1069.5-above last high and 110 EXMA
10:57 stop 1070-may not break
10:49 sold 1068.25 stop 1071.25
10:47 110 held,20 did not cross it-turning down?
10:43 the rally has pushed the 110 EXMA to flat-so trade may not set up
10:38 20 EXMA still up-so far no clear continuation sell-wait
10:33 I'm not anxious to make a trade here-want to see some motion, not stuck in mud
10:26 now have a continuation sell setup-110 EXMA has to hold and 20 EXMA has to turn down
10:23 1068.25 is the Moon +T180 flux-stuck to it for hours yesterday
10:12 breaking 20 EXMA without enthusiasm-could set up a continuation sell at 10:40
10:06 my preference is to wait until the Tide turn time-support came on email Chiron
10:03 the drop has now reached the lower band edge, setting up an out of band(oob) buy
9:49 sharp drop on Node time line-Node price was resistance -looks like red -Tide
9:41 opening flat-1071 is balance level between T+180 and T-270 Moon electric field flux
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

12/12/2003 01:58:24 PM Mountain jcsg:: one more pop after rth close and then drop on Monday?
12/12/2003 01:42:11 PM Mountain wlj:: looks like vert node low to vert node hi
12/12/2003 01:40:36 PM Mountain wlj:: 30 min chart adv decline osc, has said down most of the day . so far sp has powered thru and gone up.
12/12/2003 01:28:46 PM Mountain jcsg:: back to the trendline...make or break
12/12/2003 01:24:56 PM Mountain jcsg:: precise double top in the 24 hour mini. those stops a quarter point higher have to be attractive :-)
12/12/2003 01:23:37 PM Mountain bkw:: both the dow and spoo cash hit the top of their trendlines and stopped-moment of truth rite now!
12/12/2003 01:15:48 PM Mountain jcsg:: thanks wlj. now the thrust better not die!
12/12/2003 01:15:48 PM Mountain mm:: 72.60 is H/R
12/12/2003 01:13:25 PM Mountain wlj:: jcsg, nice call on the triangle
12/12/2003 01:12:12 PM Mountain jcsg:: here comes the thrust
12/12/2003 01:01:27 PM Mountain jcsg:: trendline connecting 24 hour mini peaks will be broken @ 1071.75
12/12/2003 12:40:47 PM Mountain bkw:: out minus 1
12/12/2003 12:35:15 PM Mountain jcsg:: contracting triangle may be forming...could break up to 1078.
12/12/2003 12:29:44 PM Mountain bkw:: raising stop to 72
12/12/2003 12:08:56 PM Mountain bkw:: stop 71
12/12/2003 12:07:42 PM Mountain wlj:: moon maybe overhead res now ?
12/12/2003 11:56:47 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 70 stop 72
12/12/2003 11:53:34 AM Mountain wlj:: nas pulling up /dow pulling down
12/12/2003 11:46:24 AM Mountain wlj:: poss h/s,,if so down after vert venus-chrion
12/12/2003 10:51:28 AM Mountain bkw:: out plus 2
12/12/2003 10:39:22 AM Mountain wlj:: one more up may be 7 swings up.
12/12/2003 10:34:40 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 72 stop 75
12/12/2003 10:33:18 AM Mountain wlj:: overnite hi was 73.5,,,,email uranus 74
12/12/2003 10:30:21 AM Mountain wlj:: :45 to :50 after may be moment of truth.
12/12/2003 10:28:14 AM Mountain dc:: and on 5 min bars
12/12/2003 10:27:00 AM Mountain dc:: mini has to exceed 7225 to imply extended 3rd wave otherwise we have completed 5 wave for now on 1 min
12/12/2003 10:23:42 AM Mountain wlj:: yesterday,overnite,today. 4th run at 1072.5
12/12/2003 10:00:09 AM Mountain rbh:: wlj,thanks for the help
12/12/2003 09:51:34 AM Mountain wlj:: h=sun,,,,,t= something to do with the moon ,,ask al
12/12/2003 09:48:51 AM Mountain rbh:: could someone help me, what is t, and h
12/12/2003 09:48:34 AM Mountain mm:: Al, thanks for going back to the narrow font in your clinic, the heavy font was blurry/difficult to read - for my old eyes ;-)
12/12/2003 09:23:26 AM Mountain dc:: I must most enthusiatically characterize this market as irrationally apathetic
12/12/2003 08:07:18 AM Mountain wlj:: with the hi before the open we have hit 3 of the 4 email prices. jup + - 18 only one left
12/12/2003 07:54:55 AM Mountain mm:: pivot is 67.35

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