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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 12/13/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:12 stopped 892 for 0-I'm done for the day-see you next week_______________________________
2:55 now stop 892-may hit 885-884____________________________________________________________
2:51 fast break so lower stop 893=last high__________________________________________________
2:45 this was really a continuation sell -sold 892 stop 895__________________________________
2:44 not moving aborted-I jumped in early___________________________________________________
2:37 note lows every 2 hours-common cycle, 24th harmonic of the day=the clcok________________
2:30 there is the hook and go-buy 894 stop 891________________________________________________
2:20 getting the low in the green +Tide-may get a "hook and go" rally-no trade entry yet_______
2:16 I covered my 891 long 894-held too long-now getting 20/110 sell signal, wait for 110 curl_
2:07 coming into next Tide turn looks like a possible continuation buy________________________
1:54 aborted at 894-not going,and back to 110-kill the weak one fast___________________________
1:34 bought 896 stop 893 -bounced off the 110 EXMA______________________________________________
1:18 1:33 trade setting up as a possible continuation buy_______________________________________
1:12 notice the black "floating stick"= 3 hr lin.regression-left end had to go down,right end up_
1:05 moved stop to 893-good example of chaos-dulless , then explosive moves_____________________
12:55 I took that as the green Tide 12:00 turn coming late-didn't put that one in email_________
12:46 I bought 891 just on the Mar/Ven/Nep support-stop 889____________________________________
12:41 Crazy Harry's having fun, with his girl at eight ninety one-to the tune of "Sound Off"_________________
12:38 Hex pattern recognizer says 891.25 resonance=Jup/Pluto/Moon-should heat up as square Moon_
12:33 good support on Mars/Ven/Nep -20/110 are twisted like a vine______________________________
12:20 back to the 1 day screen-drop was to Ven/Mar/Nep flux as passed Saturn-still on red Tide__
12:08 when the market goes flat, XTide at the bottome of the screen forecasts the minor wiggles_
12:02 Crazy Harry,conductor of the S&P train, has a girl at Station 891-______________________
11:48 rotation of vortex is counterclockwise, up-rally back to close gap probable______________
11:41 whoops, not quite-market going flat _____________________________________________________
11:34 just got 20/110 crossing=buy signal______________________________________________________
11:10 I put up 2 day chart-move from Ven/Nep/Mars to next Ven/Nep/Mars is complete ____________
11:04 aborting 890 for 0 _not working__________________________________________________________
10:58 raise stop 889.50________________________________________________________________________
10:42 now looking good-node has been hot last few days-raise stop 888.50________________________
10:38 trade stuck in the mud-raise stop 888_____________________________________________________
10:33 looking better-if get a fast move out of this I will press stop and let if run____________
10:30 stuck on Mars/Nep/Ven flux bundle-be patient______________________________________________
10:24 bought 890 -stop 887 for now-cover is 894_________________________________________________
10:18 buy 890 stop-above 20 EXMA _______________________________________________________________
10:10 making new lows-approaching lower trading band__-out of band buy setup_?__________________
10:03 so far looks like following red -Tide, so I'm waiting for the 10:20 ish low______________
9:58 aborted 894 -when a streak fails the 20 EXMA does not follow through____________________
9:54 rally stopped by Moon -M180 flux line-I jumped on it because of the streaking nature_____
9:47 getting upstreak on Jupiter time line-and breaking 110 EXMA- buy 896 stop 893_____________
9:44 tested the light blue 110 minute EXMA and was turned down-first trade time is near 10:20_
9:38 Tides forecast a dull day, but we will see__________________________________________________
9:32 market opening down, on the Jupiter electric field flux-891 is a balance level______________
9:20 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

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