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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 12/14/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:18 stopped out for +8 - I'm done with commnets for the day-nice Tides-Tnx for coming-next week___
3:12 bought 1119 raise stop to 1127 - cover 1134 or better__-see the Strange Attractor?______
3:02 got past Neptune-bought 1119-raise stop to 1123-cover 1133 or better____________________
2:57 running into congestion at Neptune-could drop back to 110 EXMA-__________________________
2:50 raise stop to 1122________________________________________________________________________
2:40 Love them Tides!-bought 1119 raise stop to 1121___________________________________________
2:27 test now is to get above the Neptuen flux line-bought 1119 stop 1119______________________
2:28 raise stop to 1119-still on green +Tide-it is shifted left 48 minutes______________________
2:13 Now getting the lift from the eclipse SA/SR-bought 1119 raise stop to 1118_________________
1:48 rebuy 1119 stop 1116 - bounced off Moon flux and now turning 110 up________________________
1:42 Cover 1117.75-I jumped in too quick-can see now that 110 EXMA is NOT up___________________________
1:36 At 1:40,Moon is 300 to Uranus.Can activate Uranus at end of day.Dot/cirlces=eclipse point_
1:30 Prices have broken above the 110 EXMA and are turning it up-buy 1119.75 stop 1116.75____________
1:21 Tiny rally-must get a break of the 110 EXMA and it turned up to buy-patience is a virue___
1:10 you can clearly see the causes of congestion-prices trapped by a flux line+competing Tides_
1:02 The S&P spends 52% of it's time GOING NOWHERE.That's balance.Chaos follows balance._____
12:48 The 110 EXMA is turning down-for 1ADay it must now turn up-Energy is at end of day_____
12:30 now I am watching for the 110 min EXMA to begin rising-the dark blue line_______________
12:08 getting drop after passing Sun and Moon-dark blue line is 110 Min EXMA-it is flat______
12:02 back to 1 day screen-Tide110 is the MoonTide filtered to forecast 110 min EXMA__________
11:50 Still congesting-1ADay trade is to shop for a buy between 12:30 and 2:00_________________
11:25 That cluster of planets form a congestion-KNOWING that let me NOT buy that rally__________
11:05 I identified the Neptune flux line as the rally stopper-trading between Node & Neptune_____
11:00 Cluster of vertical lines ahead is where exchange passes Sat,Plu,Ven,Moon,Sun,Mer,Node,Chi__
10:52 These fast blips in a congestion fake you out-you think they are a trend-you jump in and lose______
10:44 got nice bounce off of the Node/Mercury flux lines_Tides say it's just a blip______________
10:37 Switched to my one day screen-On it I am showing a work in progress-a filtered Tide________
10:30 Congestions can kill you-humans have a high need for activity,so we overtrade congestions__
10:17 stuck on -M270 Moon electric field flux line-cover 1118.5 for +1 _________________________
10:06 on red -Tide-shifted it left a bit-sold 1119.5 lower stop to 1119.5-cover 1115 OB_________
9:55 Turning down after hitting the blue 110 min EXMA-sell 1119.5 -put stop 1122_________________
9:45 Opening flat-expect dull day until PM due to solar eclipse__________________________________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic_____________________________________________________________
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