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Here are Al's comments
3:51 I am done for the year-no clinics next two weeks-have a Merry Christmas and Happy
New Year. See you January 9th
3:47 covered 87 for +2
3:41 stop 86-getting late - should sit on Moon flux or go higher
3:35 pressing the +T180 Moon flux-needs to break through it
3:30 stop 85.5 - looking for a bit more up
3:15 stop 85 - least gives me break even for the day
3:08 turned up after Xchg squared the Moon-should make Moon +T180 at least
3:06 stop 1083.5
3:03 if they can get a rally going, it may reach 1089-Moon flux balance level
2:47 Xchg now squaring the Moon-trend turning flat to up
2:39 bought 85 stop 82
2:33 double bottom on the Saturn flux line; red -Tide-watching for buy entry
2:28 aborting -.75 - 110 EXMA lost its curl-is actually curling up
2:13 resold 1083.5 stop 87.5
2:11 aborting for 0-not moving
2:00 this little rally suggests on green +Tide
1:47 the lows of the day are getting pressure-after 2:00, green +Tide is down-may force issue
1:44 trend still down, but slow-be patient
1:32 sold 1084 stop 1087
1:29 still looks weak-110 EXMA acting as "tongue depressor" -continuation sell setup
1:23 covering here for +3.75 on the stall rule
1:17 now passing Chiron time line -watch to see if it sends prices down
1:11 prices and 20 EXMA under 110-normal congestion
1:03 that was a GBK-Good Bye Kiss the Venus line that was morning support
12:58 little blip up as pass Saturn time line-stop OK-be patient
12:41 stop 1086.50 - On my hourly chart I also have a nice Face of God chaos zone sell pattern
12:35 stop 1088-will hold for max gain-dropping here says red -Tide
12:31 so far today prices all fit within a 6 hour Down Fractal of Pi-from course by that name
12:23 the Tides say the trend will accelerate soon, so it will show which Tide is strongest
12:16 the 110 EXMA is down, so the trend is down, even if choppy
12:14 stop 1089
12:11 my cue to resell there was that the down yellow grid line and Neptune price line held
12:09 sometimes one just has to be persistant and not get shaken off the horse
12:04 resold 1088 stop 1091
11:58 out for -3 -seldom get hit for 3 or that quick -goes with the territory
11:52 turned down as Xchg passed Pluto time line-Pluto price is 1078.25-a hot price today
11:46 sold 1085 stop 1088
11:43 this is a bit early for the second trade time, but I am watching to see if it continues
11:36 that is second run at Node 1090 price level-both failed-bearish
11:33 1089 is the balance level between the two Moon flux lines-still trapped in congestion-stay out
11:20 broke that down grid line, so still FLAT,FLAT AS A PANCAKE (FFAAP) - to the tune of Born Free
11:07 looks like the trend is down, according to the down yellow MoonTide Harmonic grid lines
11:02 this is a cold, drizzly rain-stuck in the congestion zone
10:27 I'm aborting this for -.75 - 110 EXMA not moving down-stuck flat
10:18 right here I watch the 20 EXMA to see if it curls down away from the 110
10:10 back up to the 110 EXMA near Tide turn time-watch for EXMA to move lower-if not-abort
10:05 looks like the +T180 moon electric flux line is a price attractor-it could capture price
9:56 since I entered early, I will press the stop-lower to 1088.5
9:53 good 20/110 sell signal going into the first trade time-sold 1087 stop 1090
9:37 the market may be dull today, so have to not make things up
9:35 opening in the congestion zone between -T090 and +T180 Moon electric field flux lines
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

12/19/2003 02:06:59 PM Mountain Al:: mm: my mail server delivered many emails to AOL's servers- they are not delivering them to you-make sure they ahre not classifying as spam
12/19/2003 01:44:32 PM Mountain mm:: It should get back up to R atC/88.50 and H/88.80
12/19/2003 01:34:36 PM Mountain mm:: Al, no, no e since Wendesday evening - really strange
12/19/2003 01:25:23 PM Mountain Al:: mm: did you get any of my 3 emails this morning?
12/19/2003 01:13:37 PM Mountain Al:: mm: thanks for your double bottom comment-it was helpful
12/19/2003 12:48:51 PM Mountain bkw:: sell stop 84
12/19/2003 12:38:41 PM Mountain bkw:: out minus 1.5
12/19/2003 12:28:29 PM Mountain mm:: double bottom
12/19/2003 12:24:35 PM Mountain bkw:: sold 83.50 stop 86.50
12/19/2003 12:19:17 PM Mountain wlj:: 1082.50 s/r from yesterday, what a cliff hanger
12/19/2003 12:02:27 PM Mountain wlj:: this is a tough one,20 below 110 at tide time expect down but just after low of day on 1 min chart the adv/dec osc turned up sharply
12/19/2003 11:58:56 AM Mountain wlj:: may go up
12/19/2003 11:42:04 AM Mountain wlj:: they are trying to pull it up
12/19/2003 11:25:47 AM Mountain wlj:: 1083.50 hi 15th, see if it holds
12/19/2003 10:59:49 AM Mountain bkw:: out flat
12/19/2003 10:44:10 AM Mountain bkw:: sold 84.50 stop 87.50
12/19/2003 10:34:12 AM Mountain mm:: yup, I understand it is the NQ - Pivot is 84.05 - so far they have turned it around there 2 to 3 times
12/19/2003 10:24:55 AM Mountain bkw:: MM-there is also a re balance of the indicies too boot
12/19/2003 10:19:35 AM Mountain mm:: I meant quadruple witch !
12/19/2003 10:18:45 AM Mountain mm:: I thought triple witch influence is usually over by Wednesday or Thursday, but these swings seem to indicate that the big boys are still jerking us around with their adjustments,
12/19/2003 10:04:28 AM Mountain bkw:: me too-damn
12/19/2003 10:02:01 AM Mountain bkw:: same stop as AL
12/19/2003 10:01:30 AM Mountain wlj:: bunge pivot
12/19/2003 10:01:28 AM Mountain jcsg:: that low looked like wave c of an expanded flat for elliott fans. If so, it will go to new highs.
12/19/2003 09:28:47 AM Mountain mm:: Since it has never happened before it just may be a fluke and I'm not going to spend my time asking/complaining to eSignal. If it happens again I'm going to rattle their cage.
12/19/2003 09:15:18 AM Mountain dc:: has the spike issue been resolved on eSignal yet?
12/19/2003 09:13:15 AM Mountain dc:: doesn't seem to want to move down
12/19/2003 09:12:38 AM Mountain dc:: aborted, covered at 8800 +050
12/19/2003 09:11:50 AM Mountain dc:: 8820 stop
12/19/2003 09:05:44 AM Mountain dc:: 8890 stop
12/19/2003 09:00:13 AM Mountain jcsg:: 3 up 3down 3 up...still seems like a consolidation to move higher. The idea of 7 moves up from the low would apply too if this is all move 6
12/19/2003 08:52:11 AM Mountain Al:: mm:very curious-my esignal does not show the spikes yours does! I know they use a farm of servers, but you would think they all served the same meal
12/19/2003 08:48:08 AM Mountain dc:: short 8850 stop 8920
12/19/2003 08:46:34 AM Mountain mm:: eSignal shows a spike up from 87.25 to 89.75 at 10:17 and the next minute a spike down from 87.75 to 86, actually 3.75 total
12/19/2003 08:40:20 AM Mountain dc:: CQG showing 2 tick range on the mini for 0917 and 0918 CT
12/19/2003 08:39:35 AM Mountain mm:: Weird, Al should have been stopped out if it was real. May just have been a fluke with eSignal, but I have never seen this before - and 2 min in a row is really strange
12/19/2003 08:36:28 AM Mountain wlj:: mm, i did a refresh and spikes still there, chaos chart has no spikes ?
12/19/2003 08:34:22 AM Mountain wlj:: full sp did not jump
12/19/2003 08:32:32 AM Mountain mm:: I don't have access to charts of the BIG SP, so I want to ask: did it also have the big jumps at 10:17 and 10:18? - I prefer the mini because one cannot get jerked around when the pit makes these breakout to pick up stops. I'm puzzed how this 3.25 point jump can happen in electronic trading.
12/19/2003 07:56:47 AM Mountain jcsg:: Like Al said in last night's e-mail, 1080 is the key level. If we break that rally may be over.
12/19/2003 07:48:37 AM Mountain bkw:: sell stop 1085
12/19/2003 07:47:54 AM Mountain jcsg:: ggod morning
12/19/2003 07:43:35 AM Mountain dc:: yo
12/19/2003 07:39:28 AM Mountain bkw:: morning fellow inmates.

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