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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 12/20/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:03 stopped 893 for +1-congest into close-I'm done-see you in 2 weeks-Happy Holidays_
2:56 high was on Chiron/Moon-supportr from them is 884-we shall see_______________________
2:55 lower stop now 893-Green Tide says down into close___________________________________
2:45 still in what looks to be move 4 of 7 down-midway point-stop is good,so wait_________
2:30 good bounce off Jupiter up to Neptune flux-this is the continue or fail point_________
2:16 now lower to 894 and relax____________________________________________________________
2:15 getting a fast move so I'll lower stop to 895-________________________________________
2:10 sold 894 stop 897 ____________________________________________________________________
2:01 range expanding downward-getting 20/110 sell signal__________________________________
1:55 still stuck on the Node-Crazy Harry must have another girl on Node Street____________
1:40 The pattern in the Ticks is turning bearish-range is still narrow-under 9 points_____
1:35 slope of 110 EXMA stillup, matching green +Tide, next turn near 2:00__________________
1:24 prices rallied into the Full Moon,then got stuck on the Moon's Node electric flux ____
1:20 this trade has gone flat-covering 895.5 _____________________________________________
1:13 Crazy Harry must have fallen in the water tank________________________________________
1:05 Crazy Harry is just taking on some water-raise stop 894.50____________________________
1:01 trendline held-continuation buy may be setting up-just hold here______________________
12:53 getting dip to the white diagonal Harmonic Grid trendline-be patient_________________
12:31 raise stop to 894-fast move target is 12 point gain=905.50-we shall see______________
12:17 raise stop 892.50 -getting the heat from Moon and Chiron already -902 probable_______
12:09 looking like a fast move-raise stop to 891____________________________________________
12:07 note the diagonal white Harmonic Grid support line-bullish____________________________
11:57 buying 893.50 stop 890.50-cancel 895 buy stop_________________________________________
11:50 failed on that attempt-still in congestion-put a buy stop 895 in case of a jail break_
11:45 up to Uranus again-will move if breaks this overhead resistance-but I want proof________
11:38 coming to next Tide turn -may be setting up another continuation buy ___________________
11:24 I use a 1 hour chart for a larger picture-I have posted it to the AUX page______________
11:21 wlj in chat room says Mars is dead planet, and we have landed there-amen_________________
11:17 learning to stay out of congestions is hard,but critical to trading success______________
11:09 Crazy Harry is the conductor of the S&P train-he's stopped in station 891 to see a girl_
11:02 this is a very narrow range for the morning-under 6 points-wait for range expansion______
10:47 A good trade moves, so the longer one goes without moving the sooner you should abort it_
10:41 yep, looks just like the Broncos-run a big play and drop the ball-aborting 891.50________
10:34 maybe the Node is what the Broncos need; trade looking better-be patient_________________
10:31 This trade is acting like the Denver Broncos - no passion_________________________________
10:26 coming to Moon's Node, which should heat things up________________________________________
10:23 hard to like this trade-raise stop 890.5 -________________________________________________
10:13 looking marginal so far,but I'll hold unless break the 110 EXMA-it is tracking red -/Tide_
9:59 bought 892.50 stop 889.50 _________________________________________________________________
9:54 possible continuation buy setting up -buy 892.50 stop ______________________________________
9:46 first Tide turn is at 10:00 - right now the market looks pretty lazy_________________________
9:33 opening up, on Nep/Mars/Ven/Jup electric field flux bundle____________________________________
9:20 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

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