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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 12/21/2001

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:28 cover 1147 for 0-I'm done too-have a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year-next clinic Jan 4, 2002_
3:25 sold 1147 stop 1148.5 -lower to 1148 - very low volatility-everyone is going home________
3:04 sold 1147-put stop at 1148.5 and hold.Shifting +Tide left put a vertical move at 3:20_____
2:53 now closer to the MoonTide top, can sell under yellow 20 min EXMA-sell 1147 stop___________
2:48 stopped for -1.75. A bit too aggressive-trend is up,should not have been selling anyway-
2:35 sold 1146-put stop 1147.75, 1 tick above top of the Grid diamond__________________________
2:31 that move based on Neptune flux-Exchange passing Neptune now-sell 1146 stop________________
2:24 Mark that high as "Winter Solstice"; +Tide shows a rounded top here-note down double white_
2:21 stopped-I put the stop 1 tick below the top of the trading range-can't get much tighter__
2:16 this is a fast move on the minor grid-also shifted +Tide left 1 hour-says don't hold too long_
2:09 stopped- too aggressive-broke range top, so buy 1146.25 , stop 1145___________________________
1:59 OK, tested top of TR, sell 1144.75 stop 1146_______________________________________________
1:55 that little rally means we are in another trading range, one diamond lower, on red -Tide___
1:45 market still flat-stuck on 1143 balance level-typical pre-holiday session-cover 1143.5, -1_
1:27 looks like giving 1143 balance level a "good bye kiss"-just hold and be patient_____________
1:16 last high came as Xchg passed Jupiter-Jupiter price flux 1136.25-sold 1142.5 stop 1145______
1:05 now are likely to get a complete band gap energy jump from +M000 to -M090 Moon flux lines___
1:02 what told me to shove the sell stop under there was price bouncing off the blue 110 min EXMA_
12:59 sold 1142.50-did re-enter the down channel-put stop 1145__________________________________
12:56 put a sell stop 1142.50 -may break down through the point of the diamond__________________
12:49 cover 1143.75 for +1.5 - Broke into new diamond in the Harmonic Grid______________________
12:32 sold 1145.25 stop 1145 -stuck on 1143 balance level-hold and be patient___________________
12:04 lower stop to 1145-Harmonic Grid says trend began 11:30+3 hours = 2:30; 2:22 is Solstice__
11:54 sold 1145.25 lower stop to 1146 -now have a down trend in the Harmonic Grid,on green +Tide_
11:48 Trading range may be ending-had half cycle on the minor grid-_____________________________
11:42 sold 1145.25 stop 1147.5-cancel the 1ADay trade-I'll stick with this______________________
11:33 Market is stuck in the trading range identified early today-holding near bottom of range__
11:20 looks like inverted to green +Tide, so 1ADay may not work-sell 1145.25 leave buy stop 1147.5_
11:16 cover my 1146.25 buy at 1146-not making any money-1ADay buy 1147.50 stop____________________
11:13 lower buy stop to 1147.50 -just test bottom of the trading range____________________________
11:10 today's low volatility says we should trail stops closer, so for1ADay trail by 2-buy 1148 X_
11:03 close enough to 11:10-buy 1149 stop for 1ADay trade - I'll leave my other trade on__________
10:55 I think Venus 90 Moon at 10:20 shifted red -Tide left-bought 1146.25 stop 1144 _____________
10:49 1ADAy trade is to trade counter the early trend at 11:10-that will be a buy-trail 3 pt stop_
10:39 I added the MoonTides to the Harmonic Grid screen-bought 1146.25 raise stop 1144_________
10:31 back to 1 day screen - getting lift from the double white line up_buy 1146.25-stop 1143_
10:25 stopped for no gain again-I am being very tight on stops due to noise today_& red -Tide______
10:21 broke TrRng,sold 1145.50 lower stop 1145.50 -___________________________________________
10:18 back to 2 day screen-on red -Tide-sell 1145.5 stop 1147-bet is TrRng will break_________
10:14 white down grid line is resistance, pressing on bottom of trading range_________________
10:08 stopped-fine-trading range may be setting up-shown by magenta lines______________________
10:06 If we are in a trading range, bottom is 1145.25-lower stop to 1146-sold 1146______________
10:01 I did a web page that explains the Harmonic Grid-linked under the Chaos Clinic page_______
9:54 Repelled again, so 1149 strong resistance - Switching to Harmonic Grid-sell 1146 stop 1149_
9:49 Maybe not down - attracted back up toward the Moon flux-1ADay trade waits until after 11____
9:42 Repelled from Plu/Moon electric field flux -looks like on red -Tide-down until after 11:00 _
9:32 opening on +M000 Moon flux, which trapped prices for 4 hours yesterday______________________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic_____________________________________________________________
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