Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!

Data download links

My computer posts data to my server daily at 4:30 Mountain Time. If the technojunk runs, it will be there. If not, all bets are off. The markets covered are those followed in my newsletter.

This data is for the educational use by my clients. This is a free service, so if the data is not there, or bad, don't complain.

These data files are in ASCII. You can just save them to a file from your browser. In IE, do a save-as, and use the *.txt option for the file type, and change the file name to the one given in the link. IE likes to change sp1.can to sp1_can, etc.

This data can be read by my Trading System Toolkit, and by the Chaos Trader EOD program. Most charting programs can also read ASCII data.

End of Day Data

Today's futures summary
Today's stock summary
spnear.can-S&P Near Contract
sf.hlc-Swiss Franc

Intra Day Data

sp1.can-S&P Near Contract 1 minute bars
sp1last.can-S&P Near Contract 1 minute bars-last bar
sp1.dta- for loading into MoonTide program
sp1e.dta- for loading into MoonTide program
moontide.dta-last few days of MoonTides,
for loading into MoonTide program