Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!
This is a talk given at the 2006 Astro Economics Conference, sponsored by Grace Morris, of It gives a good overview of my work.

This talk is delivered in two stages. First, your browser needs to download all the slides. That is being done on this page.

After the slides are delivered, you need to start the audio by clicking on the Play Audio link after the last slide. Scroll down through the slides to find that link.

After the talk, there is a video appendix that can be played to show two parts of the material that do not come across well in the slide plus audio format. Play this videop appendix after listening to the talk. The link to it is at the end of this page.


There are two ways to play the audio. If you click on the link below, a separate window will open, and the audio will play from beginning to end.

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Two parts of this talk don't really come across well in this audio plus slide format. So I have added a video Appendix.

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