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Making Energy Products

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This video shows you how to make your own energy traps, energy charging kit, and concentration headband. These products are no longer sold by Al, so he has made the production details available to all as a gift. To play this video, you must have Windows Media Player or another player that can play .WMV files.

There is a companion video on how to use these products to Charge Yourself From The Tachyon Energy Field

Not covered in the video are how to make energy traps for compact florescent bulbs. These photos show that 3 or 4 turns of bell wire around the base or one circuit board type trap taped to the neck of the bulb turns these negative devices into positive devices. Personally, I'm switching directly to LED lights in most cases. They need no energy traps.

To make the energy headband, you need a dowsing chain. The one I use is a 28 inch beaded chain, with a circuit board trap attached via a small loop of wire soldered to the trap. I wear this as an "dog tag" daily, giving me both an energy pendant, and a ready dowsing chain for measurement.

My Best Talk Ever page has a video appendix showing the use of a dowsing chain. The demo of use in on the second half of the video. This is a direct link to that video.

If you appreciate my gift of these energy products, please make a donation to the Sisters of St. Joseph.

If you wish to order the energy trap circuit boards I used, I have made arrangements for you to do so. The circuit boards are 9 inches by 12 inches, yielding 108 energy traps per board. I normally ordered 10 boards at a time.
Contact info:

If you become a vendor of any of these products, let me know and I will provide a link to your website.